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10 April 2006 @ 02:12 am
Balance of Power ~ Ch's 8-12  
*Title: Chapter Eight: "And Now for a Word from Our Sponsor"
*Author: c_b_s aka: "Crackbunny Syndrome"
*Rating: R (mostly for language and violence, but mostly language)
*Spoilers: Post Series, Post Movie

(Ratings and spoiler warnings apply to all chapters)

Teaser “Not everyone is a walking, talking Van De Graff, Edward!”

*Title: Chapter Nine: "You Ain't From Around Here, Are You?"

Which Hell is worse? Thinking about people you’ll never see again, or frying your brain and forgetting, even for a little while? Ed didn’t think he could answer that one.

*Title: Chapter Ten: "As Time Goes By"

Al smirked, grabbing the boy by the wrist. “Wrong move.”

*Title: Chapter Eleven: "Will Wonders Never Cease?"

“I think I’ve just been insulted!” Ducky complained.
Ed blinked, and grinned. “Not half as much as Hughes was.”

*Title: Chapter Twelve: "Welcome to the Twilight Zone, I’ll be Your Server Tonight"

Oh yeah, I’m a dead man. If I’m lucky, he’ll be quick and give me a hemicorporectomy, rather than dismember me slowly.

The first twelve chapters are posted here. All current chapters are now up. More are being worked on.