lilfmagurl (lilfmagurl) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Dead Gardens

Title: dead gardens
author: lilfmagurl
characters: edward elric
warnings: some end of the series spoilers
summary: all the tales are told, all the orchids gone, lost in my own world, now I care for dead gardens ((lyrics by Nightwish))
rating: pg 13 because of the language

It was almost nighttime in Resembool, the sun was finally setting behind the green mountains. The air was starting to get chilly as the beautiful colors in the sky were changing. There was nobody in the streets, expect for a blond boy with black clothes. He had a bouqet of flowers in his hand, his head was lowered, his golden eyes were full of sorrow. He reached to the town cementery, he opened the rusted gates. The birds that were resting on it quickly flew away. He walked by the tomb stones, each must have brought great pain. But the most painful one was there, somewhere near the right corner of the garden of the dead. He kneeled down and put the lovely flowers on the stone. "mother..." he murmured. He noticed that her grave was dirty, the letters were almost not visible. He wiped off the dust and then tightened his fists.
"Edward! Alphonse!" he could hear his mother calling their names. He could feel her warm touch and love around him. Where was she when they most needed her? but most of all...where was he when they most needed him? He was the cause that their mother died, it was all becaus ehe left them. He had no memories of his face. All he could remember was a dark siluet, working and taking notes in that very room that they started learning alchemy. His mother's smile appeared before his eyes, her voice echoed in his ears. His heart was broken, but why couldn't he cry? Suddenly, he remembered a song...the song kept playing in his head:
"The play is done,
The curtain is down.
All the tales are told,
All the orchids gone,
Lost in my own world,
Now I care for dead gardens"
The human was a big mistake..."al...I'm sorry..." he said and clutched his teeth. no pain was greater than the pain that was breaking his heart into a million tiny pieces. He missed her mother, he wanted to get Al's body back...but most of all....he wanted to kill that bastard. For the first time in his life, he wanted to kill somebody. He got up and turned his back to the gravestone. "I'm sorry mother...I'm sorry al..." he murmured. "but I have one unfinished kill that bastard that calls himself Hohenheim of Light" then he stormed out of the graveyard, the souls of the dead could see the tears rolling down his cheeks. They mourned and wept for a broken soul, they mourned and wept for a fallen angel.

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