Kale (jadedsilk) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Dear mods, if this is not allowed, please feel free to delete.

April Fiction contest for fullservice_fma

The goal is to write the winning drabble! The winning prize? A fiction, Icon or Wallpaper of your choice from jadedsilk or theladyfeylene. The winner gets an April winner badge that they may use for posting anywhere, including webpages if they so desire. ^_^ Participants get an April participation badge icon. Tell everyone that your drabble won a prize or that you participated! (There will also be a little surprise for our overworked and under-appreciated beta’s ^_^)

It should be a lot of fun! Jump right in no matter your writing level or skill. Everyone is welcome to participate, everyone will be considered! Hope to see you there!

Contest rules ((here))

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