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09 April 2006 @ 12:33 am
Art Theft Website  
Yeah, this stuff again. The site is Anime Galleries, and I've seen quite a bit of uncredited stuff in there, including the FMA Kitties. It's not so well arranged, I ran several searches, and didn't recognize everything, but I did find a couple of offenders...

This was the biggest one, with the FMA kitties and several other pieces I recognize at least vaguely.

This has one I recognize and a few that look like fanart from somewhere or another.

This has just a couple familiar ones.

I know there's things I didn't catch, though... Any rate, the site's TOS does state that claiming someone else's work is against the rules (in here). There's pretty specific guidelines for reporting in there.
hagane_no_mame on April 9th, 2006 07:47 am (UTC)
The art theft there is completely out of hand, and if you want to warn them you would have to comment on every pic -__-

This stuff happens, and unfortunately it has caused many fansites and artists to close down their sites/stop posting art. It's especially dumb when Japanese artists feel they need to close down their sites because they have discovered that people(who they can't warn because of language barriers) on the net are stealing their stuff.

Remember, watermark your art!