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20 April 2004 @ 08:23 pm
the beginning of me forgetting to send links...  
*grins* Uh, yeah--I just started what's going to be a fairly long WIP, and I'm aiming for a post a night, or every other night at the latest. So even if I don't forget to send links here, I'll probably feel bad about spamming the community with a rough draft anyway.

Nevertheless, since this is the first time...

Because calintz is widely acknowledged as Pure Crack, she's got me finally writing the band AU. This is a real AU--same people, same world, different time, different situation...in this case, Ed, Al and Roy as members of a band called the Sex Alchemists. Ah yes...and then it gets really silly... *hee*

Anyway, it's currently gen but it'll (slowly, like watching paint dry) become SLASH further down the road, with a couple of het pairings thrown in for the heck of it. Which is to say: eventual Roy/Ed, Al/Winry (and Hughes/Gracia as a matter of course). Once it starts getting slashy, the ratings will go up...and up...and up. *grins* So anyway, if you hate WIPs, if you hate AUs, or if you hate rough drafts subject to change without notice...well, give this one a miss. When it's totally done, I'll post the link to my site anyway, so hey. But in the meantime...part one!