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[Title] Of God, Men and Fathers...
[Author] Mara D.
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] No pairing. Hoenheim has to deal with being a daddy...
[Rating] G
[Beta] Not a chance.
[Spoilers?] Yes.
[Chatter] This is sickeningly cute. You have been warned.


Edward stood in front of him, hands clenched into terrified fists at his side, golden eyes serious and angry, while a lower lip trembled with the threat of tears.

He did not know why Trisha did this to him. Making the worst threat in the universe ‘You just wait until your father comes home!’ He didn’t like the threat either. Because that meant he was expected to spank a child that he barely knew, who looked up at him like one might look up to a giant. Or a god. Perhaps it was a little of both and it made him ache.

“I suppose you are in here to be punished?” Hoenheim said, watching tiny fists clench and unclench. He could tell Ed was trying not to cry, even though he was putting on a good show of being angry.

“I was bad.” Ed said, childish tenor thick with fear.

“What did you do?” Hoenheim prodded gently, smiling beneficently down at his son as he cradled his cheek in his palm while resting his elbow casually on his desk.

“I didn’t mean to.” Ed said, wincing his eyes closed, no doubt expecting a secondary dressing down, the tears falling now.

“You didn’t mean to what?” Hoenheim encouraged, tone very quiet and gentle.

“I broke the window. We were playing kickball. I broke it…it was my fault.”

Hoenheim looked down at Ed then, a frown creasing his brow. Ed was already the king of sticking to his guns. The fact that he was admitting that he made a mistake, and almost stridently…

Hoenheim stopped frowning a moment later as Ed started to sob quietly, his tiny shoulders shaking with the effort of holding back the sound. His stood, and as his shadow fell across his eldest son, the boy winced. Hoenheim simply knelt instead of doing what Ed feared, gathering the boy into his arms.

Ed froze in surprise, the sobs ceasing out of complete shock.

“You didn’t do it…did you Ed?” Hoenheim asked softly. Ed just shook his head against Hoenheim’s shoulder, and he could feel the tears dampening the fabric of his dress shirt. “Then who did?”

Ed was stubbornly silent now, a chubby fist curling around his father’s ponytail, lean and sweaty arms around Hoenheim’s neck. He had been out playing kickball in the Rizenbul summer heat.

“Not me.” Was all Ed would say.

Loyal to a fault.

“So aren’t you gonna…spank me?” Ed asked as he buried his face further into his father’s shirt for comfort.

“No Ed…not for telling the truth. Not for protecting your friends.” Hoenheim said softly. “But you will have to pay Auntie back for the window…maybe Winry can help you with that.”


Hoenheim smiled.

How could he punish someone this honest and brave? He winced then, hugging Ed a bit tighter himself. He shouldn’t feel for his son. Soon enough, unless things changed…He would have to leave…and then what? The pain would be too much. It was probably best if he didn’t let himself get attached. But right now, for just a moment? For just a moment, he couldn’t have been prouder to be a father.


[Title] Words of The Heart
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] Elricest
[Rating] PG?
[Beta] None yet.
[Spoilers?] Sure!But not really.
[Chatter] for starza A little sweet bit of Elricest for you. You will probably hate it. I wanted them to sex, but they wouldn't. I tried though, I really did!


The moon was full and high, and Al was lopped wearily on a blanket staring up at the stars over Rizenbul.

Ed was beside him, and neither of them had said a word yet. Not to Auntie, not to Winry, to each other or even to Den. It had been a troubling few last days, with a rogue alchemist they had just finally succeeded in capturing. Al had a few stitches in his leg. Ed had a bruise the size of a softball on his flesh shoulder.

“Do you think..?” Al finally asked.

Ed turned to look at him, golden eyes luminous in the low light. Al almost forgot how to breathe, his brother was so beautiful, and he couldn’t help the adoring look that crossed his face as well as a sad smile as he reached out and carded his fingers through Ed’s hair, just once, the ghost of a touch before he continued.

“Do you think things will ever be peaceful.” Al asked, eyes shimmering with an emotion that had no real source or direction, just an overwhelming sense of heaviness.

Ed rocked his head back against the blanket, making the grass sigh as he turned away from Al to stare back over the hill towards the house that they both knew and loved so well. The only place they had left to call home.

“I don’t know.” The young man whispered, voice thick with tears he refused to shed.

Al understood all too well.

“I guess…it just seems that nothing ever goes right for us, that things always go badly. Like we can never have peace.”

Ed snorted then, a touch of bitter humor lacing his tone. “We’re Elrics. I suppose you could say that with great power and knowledge comes great responsibility.”

Al nodded, knowing full well that Ed couldn’t see it. Instead he stuck his arm straight up, arching it lazily over his face. The night was thick with fireflies, and it wasn’t long before one landed and began to march it’s way across his hand, it’s light shining fitfully, its tiny antennae flickering back and forth as if it were testing Al for structural integrity.

“I suppose.” Al said quietly. “And if we can take all that we have learned…our strength, our compassion, and use it to make the world a better place…than I suppose it’s worth it…being like this…working for the military…I guess I just don’t like the violence…I never have.”

He blew on the firefly then, sending it on it’s way.

He let his arm collapse to his stomach, hugging his chest with it, while the other moved into the space between he and his brother. Automail fingers quickly and carefully tangled with Al’s, even though Ed still hadn’t looked back.

“You’re a hellcat in a fight little brother…better than me…but yes. I know. I don’t like asking it of you…but…”

“But were the only ones to make things right. We have a lot of work to do to make this world a better place.” Al agreed.

Ed rolled back over then suddenly, golden eyes alert, serious, staring deep into Al’s as if he could take him apart, as if he could give him a shake and see what made him tick. He kept going until he was on his elbows over the top of Al, until their lips were inches apart.

Al laid there, unflinching, even though his brother being serious could be intimidating.

“I know what it’s like to be separated from the ones I love.” Ed said lowly. “I know what it’s like to be without you. And it is the biggest thrill of my life to be back with out, to see you like this. I would do anything to keep someone from knowing the way both situations feel. To keep families safe and happy, to help bring peace to this land. To protect the innocent. I am an alchemist of the people, and so are you. It’s what we do.” Ed said seriously.

His eyes were asking Al a dozen different questions, and all Al could do was nod and shake his head.

“Wherever you go brother, I go too. We have always been one being, one mind and body. That doesn’t change now. Not after all we have been through.” Al said resolutely.

When Ed kissed him, he really wasn’t surprised.

He had never been kissed before, and it was the first thing in his life that made sense, that could put into words what he could never say because the mind didn’t speak the language of the heart.

But Ed did.

He always had.


[Title] Inevitability.
[Author] Mara D
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] RoyxEd
[Rating] Nc17
[Beta] None yet.
[Spoilers?] I don't think too many, perhaps if you don't know who Ed and Roy are? Just pretend there are tons in case I missed something ^_^
[Chatter] This one is a bit late, but it's for toscas_kiss. She wanted a RoyxEd. I hope this is okay, it hasn't had a beta dear, and it might not be perfect. But anyways, it is both long overdue, and complete! ((Disclaimer: I don’t know the first damn thing about Gumbo, southern cooking or crawdads. If I did something wrong, please overlook it as I am going on hearsay and some old recipes from my mother o.o ))

“You always cheat at chess you bastard!” Ed snarled, jumping across the coffee table to grab Roy by the shirt collar with his automail hand, scattering the pieces from the board.

Roy just smiled a knowing smile.

“That’s because you’re beautiful when you’re angry.” Roy said roughly, winking at Ed in a sly and enticing manner.

“Fuck you! You dirty old man!” Ed snapped, pulling away and dropping Roy as he came to his feet, turning his back on the older man.

“Come here Fullmetal, I’ll show you what an old man can do. Who came twice this morning from just a rub down and a few kisses?”

“I’m seventeen!” Ed practically squeaked, turning on Roy blushing.

“Indeed you are.” Roy confirmed. “And it’s probably not nearly enough to take the edge off, is it?”

“Fuck you Roy!” Ed said lowly.

“I rather wish you would…I’m getting a bit impatient, though I attempt to be a gentleman.”

“You can’t /do/ that!” Ed grunted. “It’s not meant…to go…there…”

“I assure you Edward, if you allow me I can prove to you that it can and does. You might even enjoy it if you can relax.”

“Not a chance asshole!”

“Very well.” Roy said softly, packing up his strewn chess pieces and folding up his board.

Edward Elric stomped out of Roy’s apartment, and Roy simply smiled and headed upstairs to take a shower.

Ed would be back.


Roy set the table for two, and true to form, there was Ed, back in the door. The weekend was a wonderful time for reflection and relaxation. He had written a few correspondences, read the paper, put on a spicy southern dish he had learned to make from Riza, (Who had guaranteed that Ed would enjoy it…it involved crawfish and other strange and sundry vegetables as well as a few outlandishly speckled peppers from Kain Fuery’s garden. Kain had moved to a smaller house outside of the city and had a bit of a garden for himself. A garden for himself and his bizarre peppers that scalded the skin off of one’s tongue… But he digressed, It didn’t sound like fun, this gumbo, but it certainly smelled good…) and had read something or other by a new state alchemist who recently found himself published. All in all, it had been a good day.

Ed was unapologetic as he trailed back into the apartment, but he did look slightly trite. (Though the words ‘I’m sorry.’ weren’t in that vocabulary, and Roy had learned to simply accept that.) He took off his coat, hung it up, kicked his boots off, and let himself into the kitchen.

He sniffed at what Roy had made, experimentally at first, but then a huge smile crossed his face. It was joyous, and it drew an answering smile from Roy. The pleasure of having Ed there, and happy with Roy’s small gift was enough to ease his heart just a bit. For all their bluster and games, Roy simply wanted Ed to be happy. The young man was beginning to mellow, was living at Roy’s apartment on and off, and Roy really didn’t mind.

Wherever Ed had been all day, Roy could only begin to guess. But his guesses were usually eerily correct.

He also was guessing that Ed had not had a good day. The smile was a bit earnest, a bit too determined and bright eyed. Ed was putting on a front, and Roy let him, because Ed was fickle. Like a cat. He would only come to you to soothe his hurts when he couldn’t bear the pain anymore, or when he desperately needed reassurance. Roy took pride in being the one that Ed would come to in those times of need, when he didn’t want to trouble Alphonse.

He ladled up a large bowl, and set it down in front of Ed.

Ed murmured a surprisingly cheerful thanks, and then dug right in. Roy dished up a bowl for himself with a bit of trepidation. The little creatures floating around whole in the soup were the part that was alarming him. Riza had said he could tail them too…but he didn’t know how to do that. So there they were, whole.

Ed raised an eyebrow at Roy, fished one out, and began to suck on the head.

Roy decided he would skip the things, or better yet, he would give them to Ed.


He sat on the foot of his bed, watching Ed resting on the rabbit fur rug by the fireplace. The blond was staring into the flames, lost in thought and aching.

Another mission, another failure. Another slap in the face to the young man who wanted nothing more than to give his brother his body back.

Roy sent him on every lead he could think of, gave him every shrouded detail he could find, occasionally had to pry him from the state libraries completely exhausted and mewling in protest..

And still it was not enough.

Roy was not enough.

Even if Ed did find the answers he sought, it would never be enough. Roy knew this because he and Ed were far more alike than he liked to admit. Ed would never be good enough for Ed, even if those around him loved him and supported him. It was inevitable.

It was inevitable that years after Ed’s father leaving the two boys, that Ed would follow in the man’s footsteps. That he would fight a loosing battle with the typical Elric tenaciousness, with a brilliant smile to hide the pain.

It was inevitable, that someday soon, Ed was going to fall down, and would stay down. And what would make or break him would be those around him. The trust that they had forged with him would be the only lifelines holding him fast in a torrent of pain that he would not be able to fight forever by himself.

“Roy?” A soft voice asked him from the fireplace.

“Yes?” Roy answered back, tone equally careful.

“Can I win this fight?”

There was an edge to that pitch, it sounded old and brittle, like the snapping of dry twigs against concrete.

Roy stood slowly, padding over to kneel next to Ed on the rug, reaching out to stroke a strand of golden hair back out of those uncertain eyes.

“Yes.” Roy said with absolute, deadly certainty. “Yes you can. I believe that nothing is impossible for you.”

He felt that jaw tense under his hand, and Ed turned his head slightly away, eyes averted moodily. Not with Roy, but with the situation.

“It doesn’t seem like it.” Ed said lowly. “One dead end after another, one layer of lie below the next.”

Normally Roy would have snapped here at Ed, told him to be mature, to believe in himself. To not let him down, because he counted on Ed to bring him glory…he said that to push Ed, to make him shape up, to help give him the push he needed to keep going without having to let him past the façade Roy himself kept up at all times. The façade that if breached, only proved that he and Ed shared two hearts that beat as one beneath the river of ice.

Roy ran hot.

All of his emotions, all of his pain.

But for once, Roy let all of that go. They were not in his office, Ed was not making a scene. Here, as lovers, they were equals, and Roy would not grind Ed’s nose into their age difference. Roy could give something back to Ed for everything he had ever given him.

Including courage.

A twelve year old boy had walked into Roy Mustang’s jurisdiction and given him something he hadn’t had in a long time, that even Maes Hughes had not been able to instill in him.

Raw, unadulterated courage. A reminder that nothing was impossible if you didn’t believe it was. Maybe it was time to remind Ed of that.

Roy reached out and stroked that jaw tenderly. A bit of stubble.

He smiled gently.

“Edward…once you peel all the lies away, once you have proven with an untamed and impartial heart what things are impossible…then the things that remain have to be the truth, do they not?”

Ed nodded slowly, eyes not really leaving Roy’s.

“Don’t forget who you are. Why you are here, or where you are going. Put one foot in front of the other, and don’t give up, even now, when it’s more than tempting. If the truth is out there, Edward…you can find it.” He whispered.

Ed gave him a raw smile, a tiny flash of white teeth.

Roy leaned in, and Ed met him halfway.

There was something hot between them, as spicy as the dinner they had shared and then some. Ed was usually clumsily passionate, but in this moment, he was almost limp against Roy, letting him lead.

Roy stroked his hands down Ed’s neck gently, one cupping the back of his skull while the other tangled in his hair.

Ed whimpered, and Roy delved deeper, stroking his tongue silkily against Ed’s. He simply had to fan the flames of Ed’s soul, to give him something physical, tangible as well as emotional and spiritual. Ed needed Roy, he needed this reassurance, and he needed to borrow the strength of Roy’s body. Roy would willingly lend that. Roy knew what it felt like…when your emotional knees were buckling, and you needed someone to help you back upright.

“Edward.” He murmured softly as they broke away for air.

Ed’s head was resting trustingly back into the hollow of his palm, that pale and perfect throat bared to him. Roy nibbled softly, tasting, touching. He skimmed up and down that skin with silky lips, breathing against Ed’s cooler skin and helping the fireplace to chase the fall chill from the slighter body in his arms.

Ed made no sound, even as Roy kissed lower, nuzzling where collar bones split, disappearing to Ed’s right and turning to metal held in place with a bolt, and to Ed’s left, where there was nothing but flesh spread too thin over Ed’s bones. The young man was far too thin, despite his healthy appetite. He supported his brother’s physical body on the other side of the gate in a sort of alchemical umbilicus. The automail didn’t help a bit either, or the fact that that slighter body was still trying to grow.

Roy lapped at a scar, and as he did so, he looked down to find Ed’s hands twisted in the silky fur of the rug.

“What is it?” Roy asked quietly as he untangled his own hands and began on buttons.

“I…will you…are we?” Ed asked, sounding a bit breathless.

“Are we what?” Roy purred reassuringly as he slid the button down shirt Ed had borrowed from him that morning off those slowly broadening shoulders.

Ed took a shuddering breath as Roy kissed lower, hands massaging around automail that Roy was deadly certain ached with the weather, as his lips latched around the nub of one of Ed’s nipples, suckling softly, carefully.

“Do it.” Ed grit, finally seeming to overcome his reluctance to communicate.

Roy sat back, eyes dark and considering, the fire dancing hot across his skin.

Roy didn’t have to be asked twice.

The only reason Ed had refused his advances to go further was fear.

Ed had blustered, had struggled and fought, but in the end, he simply had to make up his mind. Roy would wait. The first time was important, and if Ed wasn’t sure, than he didn’t want to push any harder than his libido already made him.

“As you wish.” Roy said lowly, about to stand up and go looking for what they needed.

Ed surprised him by catching his wrist and offering something up to him from a pocket. A vial of clear oil.

“I read up on this…” Ed said softly, eyes slightly glazed. “I want you to.” Ed said, making sure Roy read the honesty in his eyes.

“All right.” Roy whispered as he stood in front of his younger lover and wriggled out his pants and shirt.

Ed had seen the whole show before, but the eyes following his body were uncertain now.

Roy knelt back on the rug, about to reach back out, to tell Ed not to worry, that if this was not the right time, it wasn’t the right time, but Ed was already wriggling carefully out of his pant’s and boxers until he was naked in front of Roy.

This had happened before too, but this was different now, and Roy understood.

Roy took the vial and set it aside before he held out his arms.

Ed looked uncertain, and Roy quirked an eyebrow.

This pulled Ed into his lap, into his arms, until warm skin was against warm skin, until Ed was between his knees.

He pulled the tie out of that silky hair, and kissed his way down that lean neck reassuringly.

Ed gasped when Roy moved on his own, rocking his need against Ed’s.

He kept kissing, stroking, easing until Ed was putty in his hands, warm and trembling and desperate.

“There are good things in life…never forget that.” He said quietly. “Trust me.”

Ed said nothing, arching back against him, but those eyes that met his said that they understood.

Roy reached for the oil.


They had done this much before, so as he slid his fingers inside carefully, Ed hadn’t tensed much. Roy had even managed to find that place for Ed that made everything worth it. This brought a small moan from his lover and a shudder, as well as a much harder erection pressed against his thigh. Ed was tight and slick against him, and he murmured as he writhed against Roy’s fingers, an unsettled sound. This was different now…this was changing from what Ed understood and Roy nuzzled against his younger lover for a moment.

“It’s all right Edward…to be nervous.” He murmured.

Ed nodded, and then reached for the oil again, and shivering a bit nervously slicked his palm and then reached down to Roy, oiling him heavily with a flesh hand that shook. Roy tried to lift Ed up, to encourage him, but for a moment, Ed sagged against his hands, resisting just slightly.

“Get the feel of me.” Roy encouraged, finally getting Ed to move, to get him up over his aching erection and into position. Just as he touched, Ed shied away a bit, wrapping strong arms around Roy’s neck for support. When Roy tried to settle Ed again, Ed shied away to the point where he was halfway to standing. “No. No…Edward…if you don’t want this, it’s all right, but I need you to trust me if we are going to do this.” He was grinding his back teeth to be patient, and Ed glanced down at him, a mix of fear and determination in those eyes.

Ed buckled back to Roy’s lap, clinging again to Roy’s shoulder, burying his face against the bare skin. Flesh hand on one shoulder and steel on the other. Roy moved broad palms, relaxing them over Ed’s own shoulders and stroking gently, carefully until he felt Ed sigh and relax a bit. The fire was working it’s magic. Roy’s touch was working it’s magic.

Roy lined Ed up again, and this time Ed did not fight. He just held still, was tight where Roy was pressing against him.

“Edward…just like my fingers…just breathe.” Roy schooled.

He pressed down, letting his hands slide to the tops of Ed’s hips and his fingers spread over those firm globes, easing them apart to make his entrance as smooth as possible.

Ed made a tiny and surprised sound as Roy slowly pressed his way inside. It burned some. Roy understood. He rumbled lowly to Ed, a comforting and low sound as he felt those fingers flex over his shoulders where Ed was clinging for balance, clinging to unconsciously fight the invasive slide into his body.

Roy knew it felt like a betrayal. The more you relaxed and trusted your lover, the more they could slide in when you weren’t even sure you liked the sensation yet. He also knew that he would make it worth it for Ed. By the time he made it all the way home, he had Ed in his lap, knees on either side of his hips and strong hands on his shoulders nearly curled into claws. The automail hand leaving bruises that Roy was determined to say nothing about. Ed would be sore too after this. Equivalent exchange.

He was gentle, but thorough. He pulled out and then slid back in carefully, not too slow, not to fast, and as he did so, he lowered a mewling Edward back to the rug.

“Better?” Roy asked as he finally angled himself correctly, angled himself in a way that he would only ever move for Ed.

The blond beneath him cried out lowly as a response. Hurt and pleasure. Light and dark, slow and deep…he understood.

He comforted the younger man with careful kisses, and slow easy strokes of broad palms. His next few thrusts were hindered by tension, but as Roy began to move, and Ed adjusted to the sensations, it was easy enough to bring his lover to completion, howling and arching his back against the rug.

Roy followed him quickly.

When they were through, Ed was crying quietly into his shoulder, letting go of fears and frustrations and hurts, and Roy didn’t judge him, not for this. He simply held him and let him ache and grieve and love and shake.

This thing between them was inevitable, as inevitable as the sun rising and setting, as inevitable as change.

This was change, this was progress and growth, for Roy and for Edward. This was the lies burning off to reveal the truth.

And when Roy woke in the morning with a sticky Edward Elric in his arms, he knew that if they could find this truth, then the rest could not be that far behind.


[Title] "...And not a Drop to Drink."
[Author] Mara D
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] DantexSloth
[Rating] Nc17 YURI
[Beta] None
[Spoilers?] Yes. Huge spoilers!
[Chatter] For vwl, who wanted this pairing. I owe her, and so here it is. ^_^ If Sloth seems a little schizophrenic...it's because she /is/ two people, so it wasn't just me completely tweaking out ^_^

She counted her footsteps as they echoed across the floor. Seven thousand, six hundred and eighty one. Eighty two. Eighty three…She paused at the bookcase and turned. Walking was something that humans did…differently from any other animal for the most part. Walking set them apart. Walking lead them away from one another, or towards one another. Walking changed the world, and here she was, simply doing so because she could, because it calmed the knot in her chest.

She was a replica of a human, but she was not one. She was a memory soaked in flesh and bone. Immutable. Perfect.

Nature did not promote symmetry, as a matter of fact, the more symmetrical things were, the more perfect they were, the more apt they were to die, or to be sterile. Which proved she should have no right to exist. Even alchemy should not have made her, because Alchemy obeyed the laws of nature. But here she was. A husk, barely animated. She did not know if she though or if she simply did so because she knew no other way.

She was sterile.

Her heart, her body…her mind.

She had been a blank slate until Dante had made her into this. Had taken supposed pity on her and fed her the elixir that had changed everything. She was something now. But unlike her fellow homunculi, she could feel nothing fierce. No passion, no fear, no love and no hatred. Just a tragic and floating ache.

She would sometimes have a flash, a memory of cells, a bone memory of being a mother, of a man with golden hair, of two perfect children. The golden man had belonged to Dante first, that was why Dante hated Sloth so.

That was what Wrath had said…

But part of Sloth took some pride, a bit of water cooled and shivering sliver joy in the fact that he had supposedly been hers last. That was why Dante would return soon and touch Sloth’s body, why Dante would force her to stroke those breasts already beginning to decay. Dante wanted to touch, to capture the golden haired man and the thing that had been between the Sloth and he. Dante was greedy, and Dante hated sloth. And that was why Dante forced this thing between the two of them.

Pride would sometimes soothe her at the offices, when she would cry in the bathroom in a misery that she was not supposed to feel for a man that she should never have loved, and the sons whom she could no longer touch because she was Juliet Douglas…not Trisha…not who Wrath told her she had been. When she was two people and flowing back and forth between them with no real sense of concreteness.

Pride would sometimes tell her that despite being created, she was still deep down part human. That at the core, were the bones, and the blood of family. Of human. Of a woman that would feel. And maybe he was right. Perhaps if she could eat enough of the red stone, then she would be able to be human again. To be mortal. To be herself for just a moment before she would chose death again.

But first…there was someone she needed to smile for. Someone who had given up something so that she could even feel this much. Whether it was right or wrong, She had to smile.

And when Dante came to her an hour later, as she knew she would, forcing her with hands that were cruel and demands that made her stomach crawl, she did not cry. She did not cry when the musk of that body was on her tongue and the cloying sweet stench of rotting flesh and death permeated her room, her clothes, and she crawled shivering under rough sheets. She did not cry, because she had to smile.


[Title] "It's nothing"
[Author] Mara D
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] LustxRiza
[Rating] Nc17 YURI
[Beta] None
[Spoilers?] Yes.LOTS.I guess?
[Chatter] For vwl, who wanted this pairing too!

That tongue swept into her mouth, hot, delicate, more careful than a man’s even as a set of long fingernails slid down her spine, clicking against each other and off the clothed bumps of her vertebrae as she leaned forward, desperate for more of a touch that was both hot and gentle.

It was not sloppy, it was not careless, but then again, nothing that Lust ever did was careless.

/”Do you think he will ever want you?”.
“Do /you/ really want me?”/

Those nails dug in just slightly, drawing tiny beads of blood. Riza just moaned, arching and straddling that silk clad thigh with her legs, with her own need and she rocked there, teasing that silk against herself and leaving dampness in her wake.

Lust’s other hand came up, a finger hooking just into the button’s that began at Riza’s cleavage and jerking downwards, rained the buttons of Riza’s dress shirt down around them.

/”Such a severe woman…I shouldn’t want you, and yet I do. I’m having what he is missing out on.”
“You cannot have me, I have my duties.”
“You are nothing without your rules. Be nothing with me for a while.”
“You have no soul.”
“Without him, neither do you.”/

Lust pressed Riza back to the end of the bed, and as she knelt on the floor between the blond woman’s legs, she let the silk of her dress puddle to the carpet, it hissed off of that perfect Alabaster skin to pool like a shed snake skin.

Lust was dark and perfect, her hair curling down her back and curling around her nipples, sticking to the bare skin where rivulets of sweat were beading. And Riza was spellbound.

It was hot in the apartment, and this thing between them did nothing to cool it down. Riza’s gaze traveled Lust’s body hungrily, and she arched her back, moaning in anticipation. Moaning in need and starvation and pain. It would never be his hands on her body, she would never be something without the other half of her soul. But here, with Lust…she could be nothing and be hungry. Be a woman and have desire. Be a woman and long.

She did not have to wait long. Lust was between her legs, crimson eyes fluttering halfway shut, dark lashes falling almost closed in the low light of the room.

And then that tongue was touching her, gliding over her. Sliding into her and she shuddered. When a careful finger slid inside, stroking upwards, curling towards her belly she cried out helplessly, frustratedly. Not enough, not thick enough, not hot enough and she wanted more /right there/.

A second finger and it hurt, stretching her inside, making her growl and made tiny pleas fell from her kiss swollen lips. That tongue stroked her higher, lower, everywhere but where she needed it and sometimes there as well. She found herself bucking into that hand, her hips moving pleadingly as she whimpered.

All too soon it was over, leaving Riza gasping and shuddering, leaving heart pounding visibly under full and pale breasts, leaving Lust licking her lips and wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. Done so quickly, Lust simply dressed, and then moved away, seeming to not care at all for the pleasure Riza would have provided in return.

She gave Lust an inquiring look, quirking an eyebrow as she held the tatters of her blouse shirt to her naked body to ward off the chill of cooling sweat.

“You mean nothing to me.” Lust said lowly.

“Someday I will.” Riza said honestly as she still struggled for air.

“That will be the day that you are his.”

“In that case, you mean nothing to me as well.” Riza said levelly as she wiped the sweat from her eyes.

“So you admit it.” Lust said and smiled, let herself out the window, out into the night and Riza winced.

“I’m already invisible to him. What does it matter so long as I can be nothing with someone else?” She asked to the darkness and the sound of Hayate scratching at the door to be let back in. She sighed to herself as she stood on weak knees, and slid the battered shirt back around her, holding it closed over her body.

She had to be into work in three hours. There was no point in going back to sleep.


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