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Title: "The Truth" Chapter 9
Author: esteltinuviel, beta whatshername209
Pairing: Ed/Winry later
Words: 607
Genre: Alternate ending, action/romance
Spoilers: none
Other notes: for the first 8 chapters, refer back to this community or go to my lj and find them

Here's the next chapter in my fanfic. Sorry I couldn't put in more, but the next chapter (which is actually a "chapter") is long, but it is action-packed, so we're finally getting to the first action (sorry, the climax is a LONG way away). I'm writing as fast as I can and it's up to 57 pages in my notebook. Wow! Hope you enjoy this!

P.S. I hope I've cleared up some things on the time period:)

Chapter Nine: Field Trip

“It’s sooo early!” Ed complained as he, Al, Winry, and Izumi walked to the Central Art Gallery.
“If we hadn’t stayed out so late, you wouldn’t be this tired!” Winry reminded him.
“It’s not my fault that Hughes insisted on showing me every picture of his daughter!” Ed argued back.
“Give it a rest, Ed,” Al said.
“Don’t blame this on Hughes. He’s a very nice man who cares about this family!” Winry continued.
“I do care!”
“You don’t show it!”
“Well, you--that’s not the point!” Ed stammered.
“We’re here,” Izumi announced, stopping at the base of a large flight of stairs which lead to an enormous building. “Everything has to be huge in Central...” she muttered under her breath. Ed immediately started running up the stairs, taking two at a time.
“Well, come on!’ Ed called down to them.
“Hey! I’m not finished with you Edward!” Winry yelled as she raced after him.
“And he’s supposed to be the older brother,” Al sighed.
“He hasn’t changed at all,” Izumi reminisced as she climbed the stairs, Al clanking along.
They met up with Ed and Winry inside, who had since stopped arguing.
“So where should we start?” Al asked, but Ed had already walked over to a museum guide.
“Level Two, the Italia Gallery,” he said as he rejoined the group. They began walking toward the stairs that lead to the upper levels.

The grand staircase wound upward in a spiral, its pinnacle illuminating a circular stained glass window.
“It’s amazing!” Winry said, in awe.
“Such is the nature of art,” Izumi commented.
“Who cares for art?” Ed asked, again, running ahead. “Now alchemy, that’s the way to go!”
Izumi sighed, “You boys wouldn’t understand art. And, Edward, DON’T RUN IN THE MUSEUM!” Ed was running along the corridor, Al trying to keep up, with Winry and Izumi bringing up the rear. They caught up with the brothers outside the Italia Gallery.

“So this is it, huh, Al?” Ed asked.
“That’s what it says,” his brother replied.
“Don’t touch anything, Edward!” Winry warned.
“Edward, I’m warning you!”

“There is absolutely no stopping them, or rather, their curiosity,” Izumi said, walking alongside Winry. Ed and Al waked through the gallery, pausing at a piece only log enough to read the title.
“There sure are a lot of religious paintings,” Al noticed. Indeed, most of the paintings in the gallery focused on religious imagery and symbolism.
“Well, they were all a bunch of misguided fools!” Edward scoffed.
Al sighed. “Ed, how many times to I have to tell you? Quit forcing your cynicism on others!”
“Edward, if you would actually stop and read the information about these paintings, you might gather that the Renaissance was characterized by religious paintings,” Izumi said, patiently.
Ed didn’t slow down. “Teacher, how do you know so much?” he asked, but didn’t stay around for an answer.

“Yes, Izumi, how do you know so much about art?” Winry asked, intent on learning more about her.
“Well, it’s sort of a hobby of mine. I guess you could say I’m an amateur art historian!”
Winry’s face lit up. “That’s fascinating! Are you an artist, too?”
Izumi laughed. ‘No, no. I wish, but I was blessed with the gift of alchemy, not art. I can draw a transmutation circle, but even I don’t need that!”
“I guess you’re right,” Winry laughed too. The pair rounded a corner which lead into a huge room.

The room was bare, painted white, save for a single piece of art.

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