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Green with Envy chapter 1

Title: Green With Envy
Author: lilfmagurl
Characters: envy, hohenheim of light, and a couple of other side-characters
Warnings: contains a spoiler and it's not actually what happened, but ya.....XD
Disclaimer: Envy, Fullmetal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakawa and inspired from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Rating: PG-13, includes curses and some creepy stuff XD

Once upon a time, far away in a land called amestris, there was the central city. This city was crowded by many people. They were happy, yes, they always had a smile on their face and you heard the laughter from outside the city. But...were they really joyful? Among the faceless people, a little boy always frowned. He had long and green hair, he always wore black clothes like a black shirt and black skort. He also had a tatoo on his right leg. An Oroubus Tatoo. This little homunculus was called Envy. He was the deadliest of the all homunculi, but he was still a little boy. The faceless people scared him, he couldn't hurt them or see them suffering, because all they had on their faces was happy smiles. But there was something behind that smile that he couldn't get through, something beyond this world. He ran and ran, untill he found a dark alley to hide in. He hid behind the trash cans, even the cats were grinning. They ran away as he hissed and cursed. He sat on the cold floor and pulled the newspapers on him. The laughter wouldn't go away, he covered his ears and closed his eyes. "GODDAMNIT SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!" he yelled, his voice got lost in the crowd. He heard footsteps and didn't bother to look who it was. He heard the person kneeling down next to him. "You poor thing...." the man said, but avoided contact for a while. "Are you hiding from the faceless ones?" The homunculus opened his dark purple eyes which were filled with shock. Nobody has ever spoken to him before or have mentioned the faceless people. He nodded, he was too surprised to attack. The blonde man who was about in his 40's patted on his head. He smiled and said "Come with me, I'll help you" he offered his hand, but Envy smacked it away. "I don't need your help old man! I can live on my own." The guy lowered his hand as he nodded "I see...And I can also see the hatred in you, against these people. I can help you get your revenge if you want" Envy got up and walked out of the alleyway. He turned around, grinning and said "Oh I'll make them suffer alright, but I'll do it on my own, when it's time...." His whole face was hidden in the darkness, the old guy could only see his white teeth and purple eyes glowing. Envy turned the corner as his green hair flowed in the air. The old man got up and laughed as he looked at the spot that the homunculus was just standing at. "Oh how stubborn you son...." He also walked out of the dark alley way and stepped into the world of the evil. If you looked at their shadows carefully, you could see their horns, bones and devil tails sticking out of their fake, cardboard bodies....

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