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06 April 2006 @ 11:25 pm
Two questions  
Has anyone ever seen this really cool fanart of some of the State Alchemists as Homunculi? I would like to see it again, but I can't find the link for it anywhere. I think it was on someone's livejournal, but can't remember. If anyone could tell me where to find this, I would be very grateful!

Also, I'm have a question or two about Roy for a fic I'm toying with writing. Could be a spoiler, so I'll tuck it away behind this magic curtain.

What exactly happened to Roy to make him end up as a "police officer" up in the middle of nowhere in the movie? The subs on my copy of it are awful, so the term police officer is probably not even be accurate. Did he resign from the State Alchemists voluntarily or was he booted out? It's possible I missed something completely in the transition from episode 51 to the movie, but there didn't seem to be any explanation on it. And just to be nitpicky, it looked like he and Riza were together at the end of the series, but the tone of their meeting in the movie didn't quite seem to imply that same level of closeness. (If anything, the movie seemed to be leaning slightly toward EdxRoy...) Any answers/thoughts?
Emma: white day!gretchen8642 on April 7th, 2006 04:14 am (UTC)
those are two of the reasons i HATED the movie. i've done a lot of thought about this though, and here's what i think. (numbered list of events for fun)

1. roy and riza are happy together at the end of the seires, roy is a brigadear general, everyone is in a good place.
2. roy finds out edward went missing, this reminds him of the time that his ambitions were indirectly responsible for hughes dying, he goes all emo.
3. he also can't use his alchemy anymore, cause it reminds him of ishbal, hughes, edward, and generally sucking at life.
4. so he's all, "oh my angst, i'ma request a transfer and a demotion (at least, i personally think (hope) he requested it. because when breda and havoc come to visit him, neither of them really knew why he was demoted and one of them said "weird place you've chosen" or something... um) and repent for my failures until someone makes me get my act together."
5. havoc and breda leave, saying it's a good thing they didn't bring hawkeye (who loves him) cause she wouldn't have wanted to see him like that (hell i didn't even want to see him like that) and that she's not the one he's waiting for (grr)
6. (cause if she was, she'd be there with him 24/7)
7. here's what i think happened. he requested the transfer, she said she'd go with him. he told her "absolutely not. i need to work this out on my own." then she was probly all "ok i'll wait here for you, so please come back."
8. anyway, so then either havoc and breda's visit or some news about ed (grr) prompt him to go back to central.
9. first thing he does it visit hughes' grave (aw)
10. then he comes onto the battlefeild and starts giving orders like old times. (which makes me think that my idea about requesting the promotion is probly right, adn that after all this mess is over he'll be able to get his brigadear general position back easy pie, cause he's the only guy in central capable of fixing everything)
11. he sends everyone except for riza off (royai alert?) and then she says she was waiting (as i predcited ^^) and then they cut the scene. (grr)
12. anyway, so then roy and riza are fighting together, she's super intense, he seems kinda distracted (i'm gonna tack this up with "i'm still concerned about my subordinates because i know riza can take care of herself and i need to confirm with my own eyes that edward is alive so that my angst can die already)
13. so he goes to find ed (grr) and riza FLIPS out (yay!). the level of intensity on her end makes me think that no matter what happens, she's never gonna let roy out of her sight again after the movie, so we can assume it's gonna be royai from here on out.
14. then roy helps ed, they exchange a quip and stuff. ed goes away and roy says "i knew you were alive" and then he's back in confidence mode (which again, i'll tack up to roy's tendancy to really really overdo it with the guilt thing)
15. then he helps al get back home, riza sighs a sigh of releif that roy isn't dead, and then they leave an open ending.

so i'ma conclude that roy, because he requested the demotion (i say that with confidence not only because of my earlier evidence, but also because he was certainly not the only one involved in the coup against bradely), and because he's using his alchemy and kicking ass and being confident again, that he will resume a postion of control in central and eventually become fuhrer.

i can also condlude, that because riza's so in love with him (like dur) and because they're finally reunited with no stupid guilt hanging over their heads, that they can resume the happy lovey doveyness that they left us with at the end of the seires. (they were even living together for pete's sake)

so yes. that was kinda long. haha i hope that i'm not secretly pathetic for thinking all this through so much, but the movie really really upset me for that reason, as the diehard royai fan that i am. anywya, hope that was some.. um.. help... if you bothered to read all taht ^^;;

love, emma.
Luna, Mei or Rei take your pick: istealboyswingsunmei_no_laluna on April 7th, 2006 02:41 pm (UTC)
The true Movie Title.

FullMetal Achlemist: The Angst of Mustang.