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The Crystal Prison [drabble – sloth] and Envy Is [drabble – envy]

I usually write short, small fics that lead in to the tone or the characters that I want to use for larger, more effort-intense stories, and these are two of them (i.e. spam!fics). The problem with the Envy one is that it ended up going floppy on me and the point of it all disintegrated into a muddle of verbiage. Oh well. Think of this as an ominous warning for things to come?

The Crystal Prison
drabble – symbolism – elric!kyoudai – sloth
Only spoilers if you catch on. And if you're going to be 'spoiled' by the spoilers, you won't.

...The tilt of her face, her lips on his, the cherished fragrance reminiscent of something and nothing at all. One does not (will not) remember.

Envy Is
drabble – imagery – introspective – Envy – Greed – manga!verse

The jealousy without the want, the pain without the provocation.

(both link to their respective drabble, not an LJ cut)

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