demonic_spazz (demonic_spazz) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Funny AMVs

I havn't posted in awhile and i have 2 AMVs that i made that i wanted to share.

FMA Babygravy
Ok i've seen a lot of videos out their that lip match to the words, and i always wanted to try and do that. SO this is my first video doing that. So it might not be that great. Also i didn't want to make it too hard so i used Ed and Al in it and since i don't have to worry about matching to Al it makes it easier. But i tried my best with Ed. Anyways its to Sifl and Olly song called Babyravy and its a funny song and i think my video turned out alright.

FMA Prostitute laundry
Alright i've been practicing and i try to do a lip matching with Ed and Roy. Its again to Sifl and Olly and its called Prostitute Laundry and Its Roy and Ed talking about pimps and prostitutes and laundry. Its a funny song.

Enjoy ^_^

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