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06 April 2006 @ 03:23 am
Balance of POwer ~ Chapter Six  
*Title: Chapter Six: "Mrs. Buttin-er, Butterworth"
*Author: c_b_s aka: "Crackbunny Syndrome"
*Rating: R (mostly for language and violence, but mostly language)
*Spoilers: Post Series, Post Movie

Teaser Marc Holland, also known as Maes Hughes in another life, stopped breathing at that moment. His fingers went numb and he never noticed that he’d dropped the money bag when he spun and searched the crowd where he’d last seen the blonde. Impossible, he thought; but his body moved of its own volition through complaining teens. As soon as he was free of the press of silks, satins, and cloying perfumes, he broke into a trot.

The first twelve chapters are posted here. All current chapters are now up. More are being worked on.