The Glass Sword (sannask) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Glass Sword

Teeninsy Icon Post.

I realized that I hadn't done an icon dump since July. THEN I realized that I hadn't made enough icons to warrant a dump till now. So I fixed that.

FMA - 5 (slightly movie-spoileriffic one in there)
Bleach - 4
Mai Hime - 1
FF7 AC - 1
Honey and Clover - 3
Assorted Craique - 9

However, there are only three FMA ones of note. And since three is, I think, the limit of preview images anyway, I'll just put the good goods up here for those who want em.

(IF YOU COMMENT, PLEASE DO IT HERE. THANK YOU. MUCH APPRECIATED.) And I'd totli appreciate it if you commented ^____^

Hei base (under the cut) by tiredofwired. If anyone wants to throw some random advice my way about why my text always looks like CRAP, I would be very receptive~

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