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Bases - Manga Chapter 42

This will probably be the last batch of bases from me for a while. This time it's from Chapter 42 of the manga.

137 icons, 100x100, .jpg format. I actually got up the energy to upload them all and put them in a nice little table for you, too. Go me.

The download link for all of them (zipped) is here: at uploading dot com (file size: 1.5 mb)

Again, if you can't use, or need a file extension other than .jpg, let me know and I'll fix things up for ya.

WARNING: yes, there are 137 images behind the cut. It is NOT a dail-up friendly cut. Slow internet will be eaten. :p

Like last time, credit is not needed if you use them, but a comment would be appreciated if you're taking/downloading.

No direct-linking, please.

Bases for chapter 41 are here.

Past ICONS (not bases) are here (8 icons), here (2 icons), here (9 icons) and here (1 icon).

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