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Comfort in Familiarity

This is a SEQUEL to The Price of Vengeance

Look! Two chapters in one day! So I didn't leave y'all at that cliff-hanger. Well... maybe I've just left you at a new one... but at least I've got this out of my head so I can sleep.

Series: FMA >Bluebird's Illusion
Title: Comfort in Familiarity
Chapter: Six
Rating: R
Warning: Rape
Pairings: Homunculus Elricest
Words: 1344
Summary: ‘I’m making you listen! You refused to be reasonable!’ Envy slid his fingers under the high neckline and ripped it apart, leaving bright scratches across Pride’s collar and neck that disappeared a moment later. ‘I only want you to be reasonable!

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Chapter Six

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