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My sequel fanfic to Another Gate is here. I has done gooder riting. Enjoy.

Title- Gatekeeper
Genre- Action, Ed/Win
Rating- PG13(swearing, violence, blood & gore(maybe not in this section, but it's general))
Notes- Post-movie spoilers are coming this way. If you want to read Another Gate, look in my journal(There are six parts)
Time & Place- Risembool, about six months after the end of Another Gate
Summary- Ed has healed from his wounds from the Subzero Alchemist, Ray Mustang(Yes, Ray. He's Roy Mustang's twin brother, but you'd know that if you'd just read Another Gate!). He has rejoined the military in hopes of finding any information on his superior's sibling. He and Al have been living in Winry's house, but they have been thinking about finding their own homes. Al has gotten his own job becoming a teacher of alchemy in Risembool to those willing to learn. Unfortunately, he has been unable to use his right arm due to a serious wound given to him when he tried to sneak up on Ray. Lately, the Elric brothers have become a little more distant. Whether this is due to Al's mistake six months ago, or it's just their own growing independence, only the Elrics know. Ed and Winry have started being more understanding about each other since Winry was kidnapped by Ray. The story begins anew as Ed returns from his most recent mission...

Winry knew Ed was there even before he would knock on the door because of how excited Den was. And right now, that dog was excited. "Calm down, Den." she whispered. Ed would get a nasty little surprise for coming late. She whipped the door open, and got the satisfaction of seeing the Fullmetal Alchemist standing right in front of her, his hand raised to knock on the door. almost instantly, she swung her wrench vertically, trying to smack him on the head. At the very last instant, he sidestepped it. What he didn't know was that winry was holding another wrench. Bang. A large, red bump had arisen above his blonde hair, and he looked satisfyingly pissed off. Surprise.

* * * *
"What the hell was that for?" Ed half- asked, half-yelled.

"You were a whole day late." Winry replied matter-of-factly.

"I was?" Ed asked, confused. "Isn't it Monday?"


A bump had somehow appeared upon the bump that he already had. "Stop that, damn it!"

"Then apologize."

"For what?! Letting you hit me with a couple of wrenches?"


Normally, Ed would have said something else smart-alecky. But this time, Winry had knocked him unconcious.

* * * *

By the time Ed woke up, he was really pissed off. He would yell, then winry would hit him with one of the wrenches she was still holding. This happened over and over so many times, Al was able to take Den for a walk through Risembool a couple times before they were finished. When Al walked into Winry's house with Den, he saw Ed sitting on the table witha couple ice packs on that same spot that Winry kept hitting with her wrench. He couldn't see Winry, but he heard her humming happily as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. "So," Al said calmly, "why were you late?" Ed looked at him like he was the worst person in the world for asking.

"Like I said, I didn't know I was late."

"Got caught up researching again?"

"This is like looding for that damn philosopher's stone again." Ed groaned.

Al knew how hard that was on his brother. He remembered searching for the philosopher's stone, following countless dead ends, being just an instant away from giving up before starting the search anew.

"That hard, huh?"

"The only real difference is that I know for sure that this guy is real."

Al was quick in deciding to change the subject. "So, when's your next mission?"

Wrong subject to pick. "Tomorrow." Ed mumbled.

"Tomorrow?!" Winry yelled, somehow able to sneak up behind Al without him noticing. "You just got here!"

Ed shrugged apologizingly. "I'm sorry, but I still need to report to Mustang. I'll be back soon."

"Don't worry about it. I'm coming with you on your next mission."

"What?!" Ed and Al both exclaimed.

"Did I stutter?"

It was rare for Ed to be caught off guard, but it was a one in a billion chance for him to be as blindsided as he was at that moment. "Y-you sure?" Ed asked, beginning to recover from the shock. "I might have to do something really dangerous."

"So Ray mustang was just a walk through the park?"

Try as he might, Ed couldn't deny that she had a point.

"But what about the people that need some automail maintenance?" Ed tried.

"Ed, your entire arm is destroyed on a regular basis. You will probably need more maintenance than anyone else."

Damn. Ed thought. truth was, he really didn't want to put her in the crossfire again. Finally, he gave in. "Alright." he said roughly. "But if you get in some trouble again, don't forget I told you so."

Winry smiled confidently. "Deal."
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