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Spifftastic limited edition pocket watches like woah.

First off, I must've read the rules over three or four times before posting this, so if this post isn't allowed and gets deleted, please inform me of it as well, so I can get my eyes checked and such.

I was searching on ebay for FMA pocketwatches(I've seen videogames selling for a penny there, seriously, so yes), and I happened to stumble across this:

The 100% accurate, limited edition pocketwatch, engraved with a lazer, etc., etc. ...and there are 40 or so of them here. Sure, it's $65, and 10 dollars shipping, but isn't it worth it? I already ordered two, one of which is for a friend. And just for reference, the chart in the middle of the page there also shows two other types of watches that the same poeple are selling, so yes, just ignore those, unless you want to get one of them instead. Ordering the matte finished one will still get you the limited edition watch on this page. Just thought I'd share this with all of you.

But wow. I still can't believe I actually found this thing! Usually when it's something this spiffy, I find it within 5 minutes of it ending, and there's never a "buy now" option. Apparently I got lucky. So yes. I'd say buy it, because, y'know, seeing how there are only 500 made, this is a nice opportunity to get one. But do so quickly; it's only going on for a few more days!



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