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FMA-27 thoughts

I've just re-watched FMA 27 before going on to 28, and I was wondering about array-less alchemy like Ed uses.

Would it be possible that the only alchemists capable of performing alchemy without a transmutation circle are the ones that have attempted Human Transmutation?

I mean.. Izumi-sensei looked so shocked when Ed saved that kitten from certain death when it fell from the roof. The fact that he did not need to use an array seemed to really stun her, and not in a good way.

After they buried the cat, and only the three of them are left on the field, this happens:
- Izumi mentions how hard it is to make a child understand death. *a shot of their backs, wind blowing*
- Ed asks if she had ever wished she could make the dead come back to life - apparently the second time he has asked this, as seen in the...
- Flashback: some explanation about transmutation circles, and how they work for alchemists. Death is part of the 'flow' of things, and reviving someone goes against that flow.
- Izumi asks about Al's empty armour and Ed's automail, and how she noticed.

And now comes the interesting part...
- Izumi: "You didn't use a transmutation circle back there, did you?"
- Ed looks away from her, looking quite... what is it, ashamed, guilty, generally troubled?
- Izumi: Did you... see "it"?
- Ed: "...yes."
- Izumi: What happened? Tell me everything.
- Flashback to Ed and Al's mother dying, and their disastrous attempt to revive her
- Ed: I... We... transmuted our mother!
- Izumi: *kicks Ed away as he looks up at the confession.

See? It can just be me, of course, but the not-using-an-array seems to be connected to Human Transmutation - Izumi seemed to know that was what they had done, when she asked if they had seen "it", since I'm assuming she meant their... revived... mother.

Which makes me wonder, has Izumi performed Human Transmutation as well? She can perform alchemy without needing an array.
The question is: Why would she link non-array alchemy with human transmutation? Could Ed not have grown stronger in the time they were away, that he had outgrown the need for a circle?
After all, I doubt it's documented somewhere that "alchemist who have survived an attempt at human transmutation will no longer need an array for their craft in the future."

It would perhaps explain why Mason reacted so strongly to Winly's question about Izumi having children, and his frantic attempt to change the subject.

Hmmm... food for thought!

I'd love to know what others think about it - even if it's just "you're a twisted girl with too much free time on your hands, if you have time to think about stuff like that!" Don't I wish... *whimpers at the to-be-written report*

First post here, btw. ^^;;; Ehm, hi? *hides*

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