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evil fangirl paln #23


rating:PG,PG-13 if even that high

Warnings: ed + al + a hole(evil fangirl with hose)=happy time^_^


I watched slilence of the lambs last night so that warped my brain@_@

if you can't read it this is what it says:

ed: Al!

me: Ed, why are you in a bush?

ed: I can't find al. Will you help me?

me: Fine I'll help.(poor Chachi)

ed: good I'll look over here.

                                                 I head back to my house and recive a phone call

me: No ed I still havn't found al.

Al: Alaynea!

me: what now al?

Al: will you please let me out?

me: nope^_^

                                                                a few hours later

ed:Why are we in a hole?

me: it's quite simple really, just look at this chart.

                                                       Evil Fangirl plan #23                                      


                                                      lotion+a hose=fun time

me: now time for fun....

(to lazy to draw real ed@_@)

me:Put the lotion on the skin or else you get the hose!

ed & al: Ok OK!


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