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Episode 28 thoughts

I woke up early today (again) to watch this episode. I was not disappointed.


Even when Al caught the fish in his armor, I was like "OMGSOCUTE". They need to STOP that.

There's one thing I noticed, though, that I might have just missed... I think there's a shot in the preview that's not in the episode. One with younger Ed looking really determined, and he looked more like manga-style Ed. It made me hope they would have manga-Ed's hilarious little "omg...oh fuck..." smile he does when he first sees the masked guy. That face cracks me up. XD

As for the mystery boy everyone's been wondering about...I checked out the screenshot someone posted earlier, and I'd bet all the pennies in my pocket that the arm is the exact same color as Edward's skin. Creepy. Everyone's also been saying that the kid looks like Al...I kinda fail to see the resemblance, but I can go with that.

The thing that gets me is about Izumi and her connection. Everyone's assuming that she had a child, it was lost, and she tried to get it back. What if she couldn't have children to begin with and tried to create one? So, she performed human transmutation, but visibly has no scars from it. What if she failed in the transmutation, and her punishment is knowing that the child must live now hindered by her own mistakes?

The latter part doesn't explain why Izumi would have dumped him on that island all nekkid and such, she doesn't seem the type. But I do know that his hair color is very close to hers. And while I can't find a clear shot of the color of her eyes, I think they might be blue. Course, they could be brown, the only shot I found just had her with dark eyes.

So, this child may be the culmination of all their failed attempts at human alchemy. It's kinda sad, really. But doesn't at all explain why he's with Envy in the intro.

...course, before this episode, I had a half-baked theory that he and the original form of Envy were twins...gods, I need help sometimes. =_=;;

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