Emma (gretchen8642) wrote in fm_alchemist,

emma vs. sqaure enix. round one.

ok, wow. so a while ago i posted a link to a petition to get the fma ps2 games brought over to america. and after i got my 100th signature i decided to give square enix a call.


so i just got off the phone with some square enix representitive named roy (^^). he talked very slowly and didn't have many answers. here's how the conversation went down.

*after 30 minutes of being on hold*
roy: hi my name is roy, how can i help you and what is your name?
emma: hi my name is emma and i was wondering if there were any plans to release either of the two remaining fma ps2 games in america.
roy: um... i don't..
emma: cause if not, i'd like to speak with someone about a potential investment opertunity in terms of translating the games. (????)
roy: oh... well.
emma: *contact info* because i think that releasing the game sooner rather than later would be the most finacially beneficial as the seires has just ended and it probably at its peak popularity. it might be wise to bring over the games sooner rather than later.
roy: yeah...

long story short, he took my contact info and is gonna pass it along to someone in the company who is into doing these things. um, the whole investment oppertunity thing is kinda a crock, but i'm interested in seeing how this goes.

(if anyone else wants to bug square enix: 310-846-0345)

so yeah, just wanted to let everyone know what was going on. wish me luck!

*edit* and of course, buy the preexisting games! as kaitou_marina said, that'll speak louder than this other stuff... haha i already have both of them! yay!

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