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FMA Crossover comic

I must warn everyone - this contains alot of blood and gore. However - it's very cartoony, but just so that no one comes to me and gets upset that I didn't warn's there.

This is pretty much another person's (my) response to Winry being forever scorned and miss-treated by some fangirls (this isn't really me in a rage or anything...but if you know alot of my comics by now, you know I tend to just like trying to bring out my feelings in a bizzare way).

This is also a cross-over with one of my fave video game series - Jak and Daxter. The main female of the games is also a Mechanic and the main character's squeeze....and she gets the same treatment as Winry alot. I figure they could almost be pals in some...strange...alternate universe...

Gah, rambles over. There's two versions here

The Deviant Art version (Note - it has a mature tag. So if you're not a member of DA, or if you're a member, but have Mature devs turned off, you won't be able to see it).

I DID submit a version to photobucket for those who aren't DA members...but of course, they shrink down files and such so I don't know if you'll be able to make out the bottom text or not for Jak and Ed...though all Ed's doing is shuffling away. ^^;

Photobucket upload

That is all. ^__^

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