c_b_syndrome (c_b_syndrome) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Balance of Power ~ Chapter Two

Title: "Balance of Power" ~ Pixies and Pink Rooms
Author: c_b_s
Rating: R for violence and language, plus possible smut later on.
Genre: Crack, insanity, drama, angst, bad puns and pop-culture references (There is a plot hidden in there, somewhere)
WARNING: Post Series, Post Movie, ***SPOILER HEAVY*** and just a bit AU

"Information overload," Ducky said. "Bet you wished you'd taken the blue pill, huh, Ed?"

Ed just peeked up from his arms and gave Ducky a very confused look, before letting his forehead plop onto his arms. "That's it. I'm in Hell."

14 Chapters are actually completed so far, and as of this posting the Prologue and first five are up. An Index has been created, and will stay on top.

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