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Sakuracon '06 FMA cosplay photos

Hey all, SC06 is long and gone, but the pretty cosplay photos aren't! I thought I'd share some of the cosplayers I managed to catch on camera (no, none of them are me). And yes, they are linked for those of you that are on dial-up. ^^ Greed Sloth A sideways Scar (my friend took it, and I'm too lazy to fix it =/ ) Winry and... Sloth? o.O Envy and Pride!Ed Ed and Ed!! (this killed me ded with teh cute D: ) The only Al I ever saw. I told Ed to jump in at the last minute XD FMA group 1, I don't know how I managed to run into this whole group, but yeah. FMA group 2 Of course, Armstrong came by a little to late! The Katamari couldn't add Armstrong, so it tried something a little smaller... Greed and Envy Scar... WITH A BUBBLEGUN!! XD and again Losta Greeds this year.. Ed and Roy, oh man, I love this cosplay, it's very well done! Ed and Kitty!Envy o.O Winry and last, an Izumi!

Of course, there were many more FMA cosplayers there, I just refused to carry my camera with me everytime. If you wanna see all the cosplayers, including and not including FMA, that I took, go here:

If you are one of these people and wish to not have your picture on here, just tell me and it will be removed ASAP. ^^


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