lilfmagurl (lilfmagurl) wrote in fm_alchemist,

The truth, mini fanfiction

Title: The truth
Author: lilfmagurl
Characters: Edward Elric
Warnings: Contains Spoilers
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakawa
Summary: Edward is having some nostalgic moments and trying to figure out what "the truth" is.

"The truth...." It was midnight when Edward woke up from a nightmare. He sat up, panting. He had another nightmare from his past, he remembered that night...that faithful night. His automail creeked in the silence of the darkness. He clutched his teeth with pain, neither his leg nor his arm was aching. But it was his heart which was sore, the deep regret was choking him. He got his blonde bangs out of the way and sighed. "The truth...I never saw the last part..." he murmured to himself. He could perfectly remember that all of the information in the world was pouring into his brain, one by one. It was like he was going to die under the pressure of knowledge. The past, present and future...he had seen it all. But the last part....What was the last part of it? It was something beyond that gate, something which no humanly being could reach. "Damnit" he got out of the bed and looked outside. "The last part of human transmutation...the key to all of the things...what is it? WHAT IS IT DAMNIT!" he yelled. He felt the wind softly blowing. He closed his eyes and tried to remember. If he could....then he could turn Al back to normal, or maybe even get his limbs back. But what was it? "The truth is within you" He heard a familiar voice inside his head. "" he looked at his automail arm. "Yes..." he nodded, he started to understand what it was. "The within me..."

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