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Title: boredom
Author: lilfmagurl
Characters: envy and ed, NOT ENVYXED!
Summary: "I hate it when there's nothing to do..."

"guess who?" envy broke the door of the elric house with an evil smile on his face. But there was nobody home. "where is everybody?" he thought as he looked around with a confused face. His purple eyes analyzed the living room, there was no sign of life. After a while Al came in with a bowl of water in his hands. When he saw envy standing in the middle of the room, he jumped up with fear and asked. "what are you doing here?" "I was here to beat the hell out of ed. where is he?" Envy looked around one more time. An anime tear drop appeared behind Al's head. I mean, cmon, Envy, the powerful homunculus was standing in the middle of their living room, asking where his brother was with a confused and sad face. "Weird..." al thought. Envy was sad, he had nothing else to do and now Ed was sick? "aww...." he murmured. "then...I suppose I'll go home..." he turned back and started walking with his shoulders hanging down. Al was DEFINETLY shocked. Envy was giving up? "I must be dreaming" he held his head with dizziness.
Back at the homunculi home, envy was sitting in the kitchen with a coffee in his hand. He put the coffee down and layed his head on the table. "I hate it when there's nothing to do..." he murmured while playing with his long, green hair. Nobody was home, it was really quiet. Ed was sick, so he couldn't have fun smacking him around. He sniffled and closed his eyes. "That shrimp better get well soon, or else...." he said with anger, then realized how lonely he was. Being a homunculus wasn't as easy as everybody thought, he was always lonely, nobody was around. He suddenly got up and slammed his fist on the table. "Damnit! who needs friends anywayz!" he stormed out of the house. He never had people that cared about him, and he didn't need them either!
I have no idea why I wrote this........

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