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So, the bordom has finally killed me. I decided to post some of the You Know You Watch Too Much FMA When... responses from over at the forum board. I did about 30 of these, but not all.

1.) You get in an argument with your significant other or someone else and the deep sad "woah-woah-wo-wo, woah-woah-wo, woah-woah-wo-wo-wo-wo-wo...." lady's voice starts singing in your head.

2.) You start trying to equate taxes to equivalent exchange to make you feel better about paying them

3.) You clap your hands and put them on the door of the elevator, just in case it might work this time and make the elevator doors open faster

4.) You watch your own fingers curl and uncurl to imagine yourself in automail

5.) You draw transmutation circles on paper and lay your hand on them every once in a while, just in case

6.) You get the flamel design tattoo Al has on his armored shoulders on your own shoulder (see my avatar)

7.) You start reciting FMA lines when the preacher in your church is giving a surmon on the seven deadly sins.

8.) You try and pursuade your younger sibling to wear armor.

9.) You refuse to take cough syrup because you worry that it might be people (that explains the taste, I tell you!)

10.) Ditto with Cherry Jello!

11.) You begin to notice how short you really . . . hey!! Who are you calling so short you instinctively want to step on them and crush them like a tiny insignificant ant!?!?!

12.) You fear wrenches.

13.) You fear palm trees.

14.) You overhear people discussing biology/chemistry homework and automaticly think "Hey! They must be alchemists!!"

15.) You snap your fingers at traffic lights to make them change . . . and it works!!

16.) You wear a pocket watch, even though you can't read analog time

17.) Upon discovering how beautifully gel-pens write on skin, you proceed to draw an exact duplicate of Scar's tatoo . . . only to realise it's on the wrong arm

18.) The phrase "It'll cost you an arm and a leg" makes you giggle. XP

19.) you start doing the 'clap on clap off' thing.

20.) You start to actually run in circles chasing your brother cause your mad at him.

21.) You ask your doctor to rplace your arm with automail.

22.) You think clapping at anytime will trigger an alchemic reaction.

23.) You wonder if you next door nieghbor has a chimera in their basement.

24.) You call someone who is in the military, a dog of the military (guilty)

25.) You get really pissed when people call you short

26.) you think road kill is a [exploded] chimera

27.) You fear anyone with kids because they may show you pictures of them while getting in your face yelling about how cute they are

28.) Whenever you see a really muscular guy you wonder if they're going to rip their shirt off and pose with sparklies all around them

29.) Whenever you see a girl in a miniskirt you wonder if Roy got the Fuhrer position after all

30.) You only snap your fingers when you have a lot of water or a fire extinguisher handy

31.) You write Mustang + Hawkeye all over your school notebook instead of things about your own life

32.) In history class you wonder when the teacher is going to mention Leto, the Sun God

33.) Every time you see a ruby at a jewelry store you want to go run and tell Al and Ed that it's okay, you found one, and no one has to die

34.) When you see a gymnast do a backbend you're immediately reminded of Shou Tucker

35.) You threaten to hit people with wrenches

36.) You got a question on a theatre quiz correct on what the 7 deadly sins are because you knew the humunculi

37.) You start telling people to apply the principle of equivalent exchange to their life

38.) You think they should make a live action movie

39.) And that you should play a role

40.) You call your best friend Shiezka and she calls you Winry

41.) You and your friends decide which humunculous you all are

42.) You decide that someone icky like Envy and plot to get them asleep so that you can draw an oroborus on their forehead

43.) You think about painting your bedroom door to look like 'The Gate' just to freak your friends out.

44.) When parents show off pictures of their kids you instantly think of Hughes.

45.) You snap your fingers right when your teacher turns on the overhead projector.

46.) When something breaks, you think of fixing it with alchemy first.

47.) When someone does something cool, you tell them you want to have their gatebabies. (OMGhavemyGATEBABIES!! XD)

48.) You see a woman with dreads and have to fight off the urge to call her "sensei".

49.) You ponder the benifits of buying a gun so you can "properly" house train your puppy.

50.) You're part of the tehharem on LJ

51.) You hear the lyrics "I had a big idea/I had a crazy eye/ I broke the sacred seal/ I told a lazy lie" and immediatly think of Ed and Al. (Dig, by Jars of Clay, in case your wondering)

52.) You only decided you wanted to visit Munich AFTER you had seen the FMA movie.

53.) You also plan to search for giant arrays when you do.

54.) You draw alchemy symbols all over your biology books bookcover.

55.)You plan on sending your buddy in the air force an Edo-style jacket with D.o.t.M on the back under the flamel (*raises hand* Well he is! And he's challenged too XD)

56.) You get annoyed at "Blvd. Of Broken Dreams", "Bring Me To Life", and "My Immortal" becasue they're way too overused in FMA AMVs

57.) While watching the movie "Munich" you kept checking all the extras in the shots to see if they might eiether be Ed or Heiderich

58.) You call "Power Rangers: Mystic Force" "Alchemy Rangers" because their mystic circle things look like transmutation circles

59.) While watching the King Kong movie you kept checking the extras to see if they were Ed (Cause it was set int he 1920s)

60.) You look in the mirror and realize just how much you look like one of the characters

61.) Even though they made an anime series, a movie, a special festival show, and even a few OVAs, you're still hoping even more of it will be animated.

62.) You got the whole series in Japanese, plus the movie, and still buy the English dub DVDs ( I do that. The dub's not too bad actually)

63.) You started your own FMA fangroup. (tehharem)

64.) You own and/or maintain one or more Yahoo/MSN group for FMA. (kyatto Co-owns the main one on MSN and maintails a few on Yahoo)

65.) You belong to just about every other fangroup there is

66.) You're addicted to cosplaying every outfit a single character wore in the show (like how I am with Ed XD)

67.) You know what Bluebird's Illusion is

68.) You check palm trees to see if they are Envy in disguise

69.) Whenever you see Jesus you can't help but laugh because he reminds you of Hohenheim

70.) When a friend's relative dies and they mention something about wishing they could bring them back, you immediately scream at them, telling them human transmutation is forbidden and the Gate will take their limbs! (did that, got slapped XD)

71.) To you, nothing could be hotter than Ed's Automail getting "banged" by Winry's wrench

72.) Everything you ever needed to know about sex you learned from FullMetal Alchemist fanfiction.

73.) You've added entries to this list.

74.) In cellular biology, your teacher starts lecturing about the basic chemicals in every living being. You can name every one down to the exact measurements for a human.

75.) You learn guitar just so you can play 'KELAS (LET'S DANCE)'

76.) You arrange pieces for your instrument voice and/or modify pre-existing arrangements. Then memorize them. They happen to be the only thing that you're able to memorize.

78.) At any mention of a blimp you either freak out or break into tears

79.) You place (any) FMA symbol next to your name, wether it be homework assignments or legal documents. (and your teachers don't bother to read your name because they recognise the symbol as you?)

80.) Any and all pets are named after FMA characters

81.) Dragon (generalized)= Envy

82.) (slight LOST spoilers, but I guess it won't make sense unless you've seen the latest eps). When Locke's all squished under the door thing and it's the DOOM moment and the black lights go on, it's a transmutation circle. No arguments.

83.) You're theatre notebook has the complete final monologue written on it

84.) You doodle the cross and snake symbol and transmutation circles

85.) You made a transmutation cirlce in jewelry making

86.) You've got patches on your backpack

87.) When in Hong Kong, you think that the collest thing is that they have FMA billboards and buses (well, it was really cool... SO WHAT IF I TOOK PICTURES!!! IT WAS FMA!!!)

88.) You secretly wish alchemy was real so that you could tranmute annoying people into squirrels

89.) You clap your hands and hit things when you're mad

90.) You cried during the last episode

91.) You are trying to learn Brothers in russian

92.) You no longer associate the word "Furher" with moustaches, but think about an eye patch instead.

93.) You refuse to eat at Blimpies. Despite the fact that they are (fortunatly) not called "Zepplin-ies", you still can't help but feel a twinge of sadness when you see them.

94.) Mainly because you think their meat is made with Burned!Alter!Edo.

95.) And possibly peices of ground-up Hoho-papa. This is also why you think they're owned by Envy.

96.) You found out that the FMA movie was going to be out in English in October and made w00t noises and clapped your hands.

97.) At a public computer ^_^;

98.) You see a wrench and your first thought is "wheres Winry?"

99.) You incorperated FMA and FMA symbology into your life as much as possible. This includes:
* Drawing the flamel in wet cement
* Naming your pet after a character
* Doing your research paper for english on Alchemy, it's history, and how it associated with modern science
* And making your Movie!Edo cosplay your final project in costuming.

100.) You've even taken the oath for this.

101.) You have male friends named Ed, Al or Roy. However, all your friends automatically think you mean FMA!Ed, Al, or Roy unless otherwise noted, even when Friend!Ed,Al,or Roy are in the room.

102.) And you always do mean FMA! Ed, Al or Roy unless otherwise noted.

103.) You sing FMA songs in the shower.

104.) You also sing Vic Mignogna songs in the shower, which you learned simply because he's Edo's English VA.

105.) You cried when you saw the OVA with the grandkids and 100 year old Edo (and if you know what I'm talking about, I bet you did!)

106.) You can add 30 of these to this list

106.) You can sing along to Brothers . . . yet you don't speak a word of Russian.

107.) You can sing along to ANY of the theme songs . . . yet you don't speak a word of Japanese.

108.) You are currently sitting at a school computer, typing this up while dressed like Edo . . . . *looks at self* . . . . ehehehe ^^;

109.) When you clap your hands to a song like Ed when he is about to Transmute!

110.) You're outgoing message on your cell is the begining of Ready Steady Go!

111.) When you make a "You know you watch to much FMA when..." thread

112.) And it has 112 entries XD

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