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Title: The Truth, chapters 6-8
Author: esteltinuviel, beta whathersname209
Rating: this section is PG-13, I guess

Okay, here's the next chunk of my fanfiction. I have written more, but I haven't typed it in yet. Author's note: I know I said this was an alt. ending as of season one and it takes place right after Ed and Al find out the Stone's ingredients, but it sort of morphed. Let's pretend that Ed and Al have already met with Izumi again and that story arc has happened. Also, all of the humunculi will be in my story. Sorry if it's confusing, but that's just how it turned out! Enjoy!

Chapter Six: More Planted Seeds

“Lighten up, Ed,” Al said. “We came here to read that book, not to hear all this morbid, dangerous stuff. As it is said, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”
Ed laughed, “I guess you’re right!” Ed reached to grab the book, but it wasn’t there. He laughed, nervously, then jumped up and looked all over the sofa. “It was just here, Al, I know it!” he said as he searched under the cushions. “Do you have it?”
“Nope, you brought it up.”
“And I had it, until now. How could it have vanished into thin air?”
“You lost it, Ed!”
“I did not--”
“This book is really interesting!” Winry exclaimed, absorbed in the huge volume sitting on her lap.
Ed let out a sigh of relief, “See I told you--”
Again he was cut off as Winry interjected, “Hey! I know this guy, Leonardo da Vinci!” Ed and Al both rushed over to where Winry sat.

“Tell us everything you know!” the brothers commanded.
“Okay,” Winry said, bending over to resume her reading. “Wait,” she said, stopping, “This book is about da Vinci’s career as an artist. The book my parents had explained that he was a scientist.” She seemed puzzled.
Al said, “Well, that makes sense that your parents had a book about him, since they were doctors.”
“So scientists are doctors?” Winry asked.
“Basically,” Ed told her, “But no one really uses the term ‘scientist’ anymore. I’m not even sure if I know what the term really means.”
“Do you think these are two different da Vincis then, brother?”
“I don’t know. Winry, can you tell? Do the portraits match up?’ Ed asked her. She stared at the picture of da Vinci for a moment.
“Yes,” she said. “He’s the same one. So what are you guys looking for?”
“We’re looking for the painting entitled The Truth. Supposedly, it was da Vinci’s masterpiece...” Ed trailed off.

Winry flipped through the pages for a minute, then paused on a full-page painting. She read the caption aloud. “ ‘The Last Supper is considered by many da Vinci’s masterpiece. Not much is known about the painting, which in recent years, has caused much controversy over the painting’s subject and religious overtones. We can gather, from an old journal of the artist, that the original title for this painting was The Truth. The reason for the name change is unclear. Famous, da Vinci’s The Last Supper has been reproduced many times; the genuine painting may be viewed at the Central Art Gallery, in Central.’ ”

Ed and Al looked at each other, “Central!”
Winry smiled. “That’s what it says. How about a trip to the art museum tomorrow?”
“Sounds great , Winry!” Al said. “What do you think. Ed?”
“I think we definitely need to see the painting in person. I want to examine it. There’s only one thing I don’t understand: how are Leonardo da Vinci and the philosopher’s Stone connected.?”
Al tried to think of who could help then. “Would Colonel Mustang know?”
“Mustang?” Ed cried, indignantly. “As if I would ever ask him. He already knows too much. So does the military... We don’t want them to get the Stone.”
“But, Ed,” Al protested, “Mustang would want to know!” Ed didn’t listen.
“That’s it--he wants to know! Anyway, I know just who to call: Teacher!”
“Are you sure that’s a good idea, Ed?” Al asked.
“Yeah, we’re okay now, remember?”
“I sure hope Miss Izumi is okay,” Winry said as Ed picked up the phone and dialed his teacher’s number.

The phone rang twice before someone picked it up.
“Hello?” a burly voice asked.
“Hello, may I speak to Izumi?” Ed responded. There was a pause, then Izumi's husband spoke.
“Edward, is that you? Sorry, Izumi’s not here; she took the train to Central this morning.”
“Yes, don’t you remember? You called the other night, saying it was urgent that Izumi come to Central to talk to you. It seemed important, and secret, since you couldn’t tell her over the telephone.” Ed said nothing. “Edward, is something the matter?”
Ed was still in shock from the news, but he managed to say, “Listen, I’m going to pick up Izumi from the train station right now. If anyone else calls and says its me, or if it sounds like me, don’t respond. Hang up.”
“Edward, what’s going on?!”
“Izumi will be fine,” he assured her husband. “Bye!” and Ed hung up before Sig probed any more.

“What was that all about, Ed? Izumi’s at Central, but she hates the military!’ Al said.
“Yes, that’s true,” Ed paused, then looked up at Al’s armored form. “It looks like the humunculi planted more than one seed.”
“We need to go get her then, don’t we? Otherwise, she might yell at you. Again,” Winry said, remembering the last time Ed and Al saw their teacher.
“I don’t think she’ll be that angry: we’ve made up, after all,” Ed replied, hoping that Izumi still wasn’t mad at him for becoming a State Alchemist.
Al suddenly had an idea. “Ed, what if, when we get the Stone, we heal Izumi, too?’
“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Al,” his brother said.
“Ready?” Winry asked, opening the door. Ed nodded, the brothers following Winry out.

Chapter Seven: Teacher’s Return

The train station buzzed with the excitement of a new arrival. Throngs of people stood, waiting for a friend or loved one. It was among this atmosphere that Ed, Al, and Winry made their way.

“Do you think her train already came in?” Winry asked Ed, who was running ahead of her.
“Dublith is four hours away, by train, so she could have arrived any time!” Ed called back to her.
Levelheaded, Al chose to look at the sign illustrating arrival time.
“But judging by my calculations...” Ed continued, droning on in mathematical language.
“...She should have arrived on the 3:25 train,” Al concluded.
“How did you figure that out so fast, Al?” Ed asked, indignantly.
“I looked at the sign, big brother.”
Winry laughed as Ed fumed and cursed everything in sight.
“What time is it, Ed?” Al asked over his brother’s mutterings. Ed pulled out his pocket watch.
“What, they don’t have a sign for that one?” Ed muttered under his breath. “3:25--”

Just as Ed repeated the time, a train blew into Central, slowing down to a stop with a sharp squeal of the whistle.
“She’s here!” Al exclaimed, running toward the queue of people exiting the train. Several families got off before a familiar figure stepped down.

Izumi’s dreadlocks shook as he turned her head, looking for Ed and Al. “Teacher!’ Al called to her, stepping from the crowd.
“Oh, hello, Alphonse!” Izumi greeted her pupil. “Where’s your brother?” she asked, scanning the crowd.
“I’m--right--here--” Ed said through gritted teeth.
Izumi laughed, ‘Hello, Ed. You’re so short I didn’t see you!”
“Ed, don’t make a scene!” Al grabbed the back of Ed’s coat to hold him back.
Izumi’s expression changed. “Would you rather me yell at you again or complain about how you’ve dragged me to Central where I am surrounded by this damn military?!!”
“It’s not my problem that you hate the military!” Ed yelled back. “Besides, this is important!”
“Well, if it’s so important, why don’t you fill me in, since you failed to do you the last time we spoke!”

Ed took a deep breath, turning his gaze from Izumi. “It’s complicated. I can’t tell you here. Can you wait until we get back to our apartment?”
“I guess so,” Izumi sighed, picking up her luggage to follow Ed. Al ran to catch up with his brother, leaving Winry to walk alongside Izumi.

“Hello, Miss Izumi,” Winry said.
“Oh, hello, I didn’t know you were here, too. And please, call me Izumi,” she smiled.
“Of course!” Winry smiled back. “How are you feeling. I mean, you haven’t been sick again, have you?” Winry asked, concerned.
Not changing her expression, Izumi replied, “I had one incident a month ago, but I’ve been fine since then.” Winry looked unconvinced. “Really, Winry, it’s nice that you worry about me, but trust me, I’m strong.” She gave Winry a reassuring smile. “I’d have to be strong to teach those boys, or very foolish!” she added.
Winry laughed, “I know. They give me such a headache--they’re so reckless and determined!”
“That’s Ed and Al for you!” Izumi laughed with her. “I love them, though,” she sighed.
“Yeah, me, too,” Winry said, quietly.

Chapter Eight: Science is Alchemy, Alchemy is Science

“All right Ed,” Izumi said, siting on the couch. “Tell me what’s going on.”
Ed took a deep breath. “Like I said, it’s complicated...”

The fan squeaked as the blades turned.
“So you’re saying that wasn’t you on the phone?” Izumi repeated.
“Yeah, my guess is that it was one of the humunculi, though I don’t know which one,” Ed replied.
Izumi paused. “Come to think of it, our conversation did seem--strange. I was caught up in the urgency, so I didn’t suspect anything. But it is odd that you couldn’t give me any details or idea at all.”
“That’s what we thought, Teacher,” Al said. “But now that you’re here, you’ll stay right?” Al looked at Izumi, expectantly.
Izumi looked serious and her tone was grave. “I suppose I must, now that this has come to light. But tell me more about this da Vinci guy.”

“We’ve traced the Philosopher's Stone to da Vinci through Dr. Tim Marcoh’s notes. Right now, out lead is that the Stone is somehow connected to one of da Vinci’s paintings, The Last Supper or The Truth. It is supposedly a masterpiece and da Vinci is a famous painter. What throws everything off is that da Vinci is a scientist, too. We can’t seem to figure out the connection between him, alchemy, and the Stone,” Ed explained.
“A scientist?” Izumi asked.
“Yeah, do you know what that means?” he queried.
“Ed, when did da Vinci live?”
“The Renaissance. Why?”

“The Renaissance was a time period which took place 400 years ago. It saw a flourishing and revival of the arts as well as science.’
“Science?” Al asked.
“Yes, science. Science is defined as the study of he natural world and life. Today, the word does not exist. There are doctors who work with medicine, experts who work with animals and plants, and alchemists who work with changing substances into other substances. Back when da Vinci lived, it was all called ‘science.’ Science was alchemy. Alchemy is is science.”

“How do you know this?” Ed, asked, awed.
Izumi brushed the question away as if it were nothing. “Oh, my teacher told it to me, long ago. To continue, when da Vinci was alive, alchemists strived for two things: eternal life and the ability to transmute anything into gold. We know the former is impossible and the latter is illegal. However, the laws and their knowledge was different then. They did know of the Philosopher’s Stone, and it was this that alchemists sought and still seek.” She paused to smile at Ed and Al. “The laws which govern you, the Law of Conservation of Mass and even Equivalent Exchange, came from such science. Now, of course, alchemy has evolved into something for the good of the people, not selfish ambitions for glory and gold. Although we know that is not always true,” Izumi finished.

“That is all I know. Does that help?”
“It helps us a lot,” Al said. “Thanks!”
“So what are you going to do now, Ed?” Winry asked.
“I’m definitely going to the museum. This just proves that there is a connection, and maybe the painting can tell us exactly what that connection is.”
“The painting is here, in Central? Then that helps. I suppose you boys will be visiting the museum, then?” Izumi said.
“We were planning to visit the museum tomorrow morning,” Al told her.
“Want to come along?” Winry offered.
“That would be nice. Thank you,” Izumi replied, then her expression changed. “This isn’t a military owned museum is it, Edward?”
“Um, no, of course not! It’s privately owned. The military doesn’t have the time or money to spend funding art; they’re too busy fighting wars,” Ed commented.
“So we’ll head over at ten o’clock?” Winry said.
“Sounds great! Ed and Al agreed.
“Fine with me,” Izumi said.

“Okay, that’s settled. Now we just need t fins you a place to sleep. With just Winry we could fit, but four people is too much for this small of a space,” Ed wondered aloud.
“There’s an empty room next door,’ his brother noted. “I don’t think anyone will mind.”
“Winry you and Izumi can stay next door. We’ll be right here if you need anything or if anything happens,” Ed assured Winry and his teacher.
“We’ll get settled in, and then let’s get something to eat--I’m staaarving!” Winry stood up and stretched. She grabbed her suitcase and left. Izumi followed, but paused before she left the apartment.
“Edward--” her voice sounded menacing.
“Yes?” Ed didn’t know if he wanted to know what she was going to say next.
“FIX THAT DAMN FAN!” she shouted at him, the squeak of the metal still bothersome.

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