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Completely Random Fangirl Moment

So I was watching the State Alchemist vs. The Homunculus OVA again, and being the Royai fangirl that I am, I noticed something completely random.

Okay, Roy and his group (a.k.a. the Mustang-Tachi) are all standing in the entry way peering at the staircase where the water is coming from when a huge tidal wave comes down and (after the group freaks out) hits them.

We are shown Havoc, Falman, Breda, and Fuery getting knocked around/drowning before Sloth reforms and laughs at everyone. We are then shown a shot of all the soldiers lying around in pain and the scene slowly pans up to where Roy and Riza are.

Here's where my Royai senses kicked in.

Despite the fact that about 20+ soldiers are lying around in pain, Roy (in a panic) asks Riza, who is standing up, unharmed, and completely ready to fight, if she's ok.


Did anyone else notice that?

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