takarifreak (takarifreak) wrote in fm_alchemist,

This has been bothing me for a few days, but I've been too chicken to post it for fear of looking stupid.  But curiosity wins the battle.  And If I look stupid, I can always lay blame on the female hormones making their montly annoyance.

What exactly IS the Gate anyway?

The only thing I can think of thats definately known about it is that it can function as some sort of passageway between parallel dimensions (as we've seen Ed physically pass though mutiple times in one form or another, plus what his Father mentioned about the flow of energy).  But we've only seen 2 of them...do others exist, and if so, could the Gate transport people there?

Is it alive in any sort of matter?  Is it just some sort of whacko Library that merely contains the Laws of the Universe, or is it more like an "embodiment" (or servant of sorts) of God, or something different altogether?

Thoughts?  Theories?  Comments?  Desire to throw me to the nuthouse?

And on an unrelated not while I'm already posting, does anyone have English song titles for OST3?  I'm trying to edit and organize all my music files and it feels out of place with all my other albums bearing english song names...I'd love you for it!  : )

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