maytree4real (maytree4real) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Manga write-ups with pictures for the manga-wary

Hi. LJ Noob here. Please excuse any ettiquette fumbles!

At the end of last year I did a set of text-only write-ups of the FMA Manga in an attempt to get some anime-watching folks to pick up the manga. I ended up taking them down from the site where they were originally posted, but in response to a discussion over on the ZOMGFTA boards, I'm resurrecting them here, with a bit of an LJ transmute twist by adding in scanned clips from the manga itself. Ideally this project might be a relatively painless way to introduce anime watchers to the manga, although I realize the chances of reaching TOO many people are slim. But if it gets even a couple of folks interested, it'll be worth the effort. There are anime spoilers in some places, if that's still an issue now that Adult Swim has finished its run.

Anyway, they start here --

I began with Chapter 26, partly because that's where the current VIZ publications have currently left off, and partly because that's where the manga begins to seriously diverge from the anime. Each subsequent entry covers two more issues of the manga. I'm working on getting them fully up to date as fast as time permits. Friendly, helpful feedback is always welcomed.
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