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1 Sentence- Al/Wrath

For the one-sentence challenge, Alphonse/Wrath; fifty sentences.  Most of them are pretty much Genfic, only involving Al and Wrath's friendship.  If anything that's not angsty, it's super-innocent puppy love.

Title- When Brother was Gone
Rating- G, possibly PG (You were expecting otherwise, pervs?)
Spoilers- YES!  EoS and Movie
Warnings-  Um... big swings between heavy angst and superfluff.  Drunk!Wrath

He had seen Wrath unleash his bored fury on a hill of ants; cried out for him to stop it, that they were living things too and it wasn't his place to ruin their world like that; Wrath paused, looked up with an expression of immeasurable guilt, and Alphonse couldn't bring himself to judge what he had done.

(Fake Cut)

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