Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Shameless plug // another comm fma_media_req

Yo~ Just here to tell people that fma_media_req has just added the OVAs (not that most of you already have it or are working on it >_>) to it's WIP "PAGE OF DOOM" as I call it. (Other nifty files are on there too~!)

I would love help filling in the gaps on that list--I'll be moving this weekend and without internet for a few days after I move as well. ;_; (Me? Impatient? Avvoiding packing? NAH!)

The hope I have is to have an archive for all manga related stuff (raws would be LOVED) as well, and if I didn't already know of a fabulous music page, one of those as well.

Anyways, this lovely FMA media request comm is always locked, save for some exceptions. Please read community info page before posting a request. =D

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