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I had this for a while now and the children OVA (which made me too happy) just made my plot hole possible. ;D okay so actually they made another plot hole but whatever xD

Oh and don't wait this to be the continuation of the OVA because it IS NOT! It was written before the OVA so it doesn't match, I just wanna post because I hope you guys will read it and tell me what you think.

And there are no original characters in it, don't worry. And that counts on the kids/grandkids in the ova too. They are not in here.


Word count: almost 1000 words
Author: Cofie
Beta: Ganimyde
Characters: Edward Elric, ( and Alphonse and Trisha)
Rating: PG-13

Notes: This fic is in a Mary Sue/Gary Stue free zone.

you know its a fake cut
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