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All the way back to the beginning! Episode 00

These last 3 OVAs that's created all this happy squee has brought an end to it all (Dawww *group hug*)

So, I'm going to rewind back to September of 2003 and post some screen caps from a half hour FMA TV series promo special that aired just before everything started. I don't know what to call it other than Episode 00 (well, "Kenja no Ishi wo Motomete") but I thought some people might get a kick out of some screen caps.

I wanted to share the video tonight, but it's crawling along at a wonderful 5k/sec upload pace, so I'll share it tomorrow if it EVER finishes u.u; - tonight I'll share screen caps.

Because mad alchemy scientists are love.

This is our host for the next half hour, the opitomy of style and all wise chemist.

And this is his alter-ego, who doesn't get as much screen time as his crazy other half, but enjoys polishing that crystal ball in his spare time.

Romi Paku introducing Edward Elric!

Let's take a look behind the scenes at some inner workings

More studio fun!

Nana Kitade talking about her single.

And they somehow managed to keep a.... ummm... mostly straight face during the interview.

It's the early chart on who or what is related to whom!

Rie Kugimiya introducing Alphonse Elric.

It's the October, 2003 chart on what to expect for FMA fun!

Ed on a much bigger screen!

Squeenix's FMA game at the Tokyo Gameshow (I BELIEVE that's what this was from *can't recall off hand*)

The Squeenix girl's (who're holding FMA merchandise) helping spread the wealth of knowledge regarding that statue behind them.

What!? Our suave host was actually a gamer in disguse! He's having way too much fun!

It's our core voice acting girls!

Chibi'ttsuu na yo.

And what half hour of FMA plug is complete without one last word from our favourite mad scientist, reminding us that, on October 4th, FMA premiers!

... The hair *snickers*

Hope you enjoy :D
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