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So the OVAs are Out

I just wanted to throw out a public thank you to all of the kind people that have been uploading raws and links to raws. I would also like to thank the people that are out there subbing these even as I type this. So very many of us are in debt to the kind people who sub raw video and manga scans. Without you kind people and your talents in video editing and translating (two things I know I could never do), fans like myself would be left in the cold and have to wait so long to see any media. (And often the translations done by the big cheeses aren't as good as the fan translations.)

I don't know if this post is allowed (and if it's not, I'm sure it will soon be deleted) because it's kind of irrelevant, but I just had to throw out a massive thank you to all raw uploaders, scanalators and fansubbers. You guys are the heroes of the fandom. Thank you, and keep being awesome.
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