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Royxgirl!AlxHavoc, yay! Fic + art

Mmm, Roy x girl!Al.

Roy sighed and knocked on the door again, straining to keep his tone soothing. "Now, Alphonse, it's not the end of the world. Come out of there."

"Easy for YOU to say!" Alphonse's deeply unhappy voice called back. "YOUR penis hasn't fallen off!"

"Neither has yours,” he replied dryly. “It’s simply…not there at the moment. It’ll be back as soon as your brother finds out what you two did. Now come out. I've seen women before, you know. I won't be shocked just because you ar- look like one."

Just down the hall, Havoc was on the phone with Edward, sharing the latest details on the situation. "No, he still won't come out, still locked in the bedroom... Yes, Boss, I'll tell him. Okay. Good luck." Havoc put the phone down and wandered to Roy's side, chewing on an unlit cigarette. "The Boss says he's found some promising books, Al. He says he'll fix it, don't worry."

"He has BETTER fix it!"

Roy and Havoc looked at each other. They weren't used to this kind of crisis; Alphonse was usually reasonable and quite mature for his age.

"I don't see what's upsetting you. It's a minor incident, your brother will surely-"

"MINOR? Have you SEEN me?"

"In fact, no, we haven't," Roy answered sharply, wondering how much longer this would go on. His patience was wearing thin. "You charged in there before we understood what was going on. Now come our of the bedroom, Alphonse."

It took another ten minutes, but the door eventually did flow open. "Happy now???" Irate grey eyes glared at them, but they hardly noticed; they weren't looking at Alphonse's face.

Havoc's cigarette fell from his lips.

Roy's eyebrows climbed up. Way up. "Interesting..."

"My clothes don't fit," Alphonse told them sulkily, tugging on the bottom of a shirt obviously not meant to conceal breasts so large. Alphonse had also changed into sweat pants, probably the only pair of pants he owned that could accommodate his new, rounder hips.

Roy painstakingly raised his eyes from the unusual and highly interesting bump under Alphonse’s shirt. "Can't you transmute them to fit?"

"There isn't enough fabric!"

"Ah.” Roy tried to think beyond the interesting things on Alphonse’s chest. “Take one of my shirts then.

"It hurts too,” Alphonse complained.

"What hurts?"

Alphonse vaguely gestured at his very not easy to ignored new assets. "It chafes." His stomach growled. “And I’m hungry too!” he added dramatically, seemingly deeply distressed by everything.

Alphonse was usually the one to cook, if only because he was the one without a job, but today would have to be different. "Havoc, why don't you start on dinner, I'll do something about this and we'll come down."

Havoc finally snapped out of his staring coma to protest. "Why am I cooking? It’s not my turn."

"Because I'm pulling rank on you” Roy replied, deadpan.

Havoc looked incredulous. "You can’t pull rank on me when we're home!"

Roy eyed Havoc darkly. "Are you arguing with me? We have a crisis here, soldier.”

Havoc stuck another cigarette in his mouth. "No sir, whatever you say, sir,” he muttered, saluting sarcastically and trying to walk away while looking back at Alphonse, which didn’t work so well and caused him to kiss the wall rather brutally. Havoc only just managed not to fall down the stairs next.

Roy pulled Alphonse inside the bedroom and went to his dresser, browsing quickly through the neatly organized clothes. "I'm sure I have silk somewhere..." After turning over half his shirts and making a terrible mess, he found what he wanted: something red and silky guaranteed to be gentle to sensitive skin. "Ah, here." He turned and paused; Alphonse was sulking at the mirror, eying his breasts unhappily with a hand up his shirt, presumably rubbing at the chaffed area.

Roy’s brain decided it liked this, and sent the proper body signals. When was the last time he'd had a woman in his bedroom? Too long, he decided, and stalked closer, coming up behind Alphonse and cupping his (her?) breasts.

Alphonse squeaked. "What are you doing?"

"Accident or not, this is nicely done,” he commented mildly, squeezing soft flesh.

"I'm not amused. Stop it."

"Mmm... You're more than nicely curvy. Look at that," he murmured, looking straight ahead at the full-length mirror, "they fit so nicely in my hands."

"Stop it," Alphonse said again, but didn't go anywhere, hinting he may have been more annoyed by the teasing than the molesting.

He was content to play with Alphonse’s new breasts for some time, watching their reflection as well as watching Alphonse watching their reflection. It was an interesting perspective, and it was a full length mirror too…

"Let's see just how accurate this change is..." he decided and reached lower, yanking pants and boxers down at once. He watched his fingers crawl between Alphonse's legs in the mirror, finding thin blond hair and a soft moist that was most definitely female. "Already wet?" he mused, rubbing his fingers in the substance and feeling Alphonse quiver at the light touch. Alphonse seemed to be as mesmerized by the sight in the mirror as he was, staring with a flush of rising arousal. "How does it feel?"

"Weird. I don't... I feel aroused, I think...” Alphonse tried to explain, sounding puzzled. “But I don't have an erection. It's just hotter..."

He trailed his fingers upward along the entrance and Alphonse squirmed, trying to close his legs when his fingers encountered something small and round.

"Don't close up.”

When Alphonse tentatively spread his legs back, Roy tried to sink two fingers in and found himself surprised at the resistance. It occurred to him, a little late, that while Alphonse's usual body was no stranger to sex, this female body might very well be a virgin.

"This might hurt a little," he warned.

“Mm?” Alphonse blinked at him in the mirror, cheeks highlighted with a pleased flush that said he was obviously not very thoughts-oriented at the moment.

“You know basic biology, don’t you? You’re a virgin female,” he pointed out.

Alphonse mulled over it a minute, or tried to, which might have been a little difficult at the moment considering the locations of Roy’s playful fingers, half of them toying with a pale, hard nipple and the other half exploring wet folds.

“Is that your excuse for being so slow?” Alphonse wondered, squirming again. He seemed unwilling to touch himself, as if somehow wary of these new things, his hands twitching at his sides.

Roy chose to answer with a demonstration, forcing his way in with two fingers.

Alphonse made a face at him via the mirror, suddenly understanding it was a tight fit, and nearly said something, but the reproach he was trying to convey was quickly replaced with something else when Roy decided to attempt to explore the new, tight space, pushing softly into the walls of flesh.

He already regretted the fact he – well, Alphonse -- would have to give up these breasts; they did fit quite nicely in his hands, softer and squishier than any of Alphonse’s usual body parts. He likes being able to squeeze and feel the flesh yield, liked to have more flesh to pinch and tug with the nipples, and positively loved feeling the wetness between Alphonse’s legs increase because of it.

Alphonse’s eyes sometimes darted away from the mirror, only to wander back. When asked why, Alphonse confessed it felt like peeking on somebody else, the view so different from what he would usual expect to see when looking at himself.

Roy laughed in his ear. “This is all yours,” he purred, squeezing meaningfully. “And I think we should take advantage of that…”

Watching Alphonse’s sometimes puzzled, sometimes intrigued, and always fascinated expression made him want to know what kind of cute face Alphonse would make when taken like a woman for the first – and probably the last – time of his life.

His cock did not disagree with the project.

Roy tugged Alphonse’s pants down to the floor and out of the way. “Come here,” he said, tugging the boy-currently-girl to the bed to sit down on the edge and pull Alphonse to straddle his lap.

Freed from the mirror’s hypnosis, or perhaps simply more at ease with this familiar territory, Alphonse fought with Roy’s pants and freed the growing erection, manually giving it the boost it required to fully harden.

“Now?” Alphonse inquired, as impatient as ever.

He closed his hands on Alphonse’s new hips and stroked the flesh, wondering whether it was really softer than usual. “This will hurt,” he warned again.

“Mmm.” Alphonse didn’t seem to believe him. “I’ll be fine.” He lifted his hips, but the angle was wrong.

“No, not like this, that’s not the hole we’re going for– here, let me guide you…”

Alphonse let Roy steer him properly but the second the head of Roy’s cock was against his entrance, he tried to sit down like usual and found out that while he was familiar enough with anal sex to take - and like - a quick and nearly brutal first thrust, this situation was different.

Alphonse yowled and pushed himself back up, using Roy’s shoulders as leverage. “Ow, ow, ow!”

Roy tried not to look too amused. “I warned you. That’s not stretched yet.”

“OW,” Alphonse told him with a glare, a hand clutching his new girl parts.

Roy kissed Alphonse and slid a hand downward, his fingers gentle and soothing. Alphonse’s sulky resistance melted in short order and he allowed Roy to insert his fingers again, stroking from inside.

“Let’s try again, yes?”

Alphonse eyed his cock with a touch of resentment. “Okay,” he agreed. “Slowly though.”

“That was indeed my plan.”

Alphonse looked sheepish. “Well, I thought… Nevermind.”

Roy made it slower, much slower, his cock pushing aside the walls of flesh little by little to make its way inside. Alphonse clung to him, making hissing sounds but voicing no complaint. He stroked Alphonse’s back, reminding himself he was a grown man with restraint and he could wait half a minute. Though it’d been terribly long since he had last made love to a woman and Alphonse made such a lovely one, his new set of breasts pressing against his chest in a truly delightful way.

Alphonse squirmed, squeezing him, and that was lovely too. “It feels too big,” Alphonse complained, wincing.

“It needs to stretch. It’ll get better.”

“Can we get to the ‘better’ part soon?” Alphonse asked with a thin smile.

“Absolutely. Let’s start right now.”


Havoc started to get suspicious when he realized it had been over fifteen minutes since he’d left Roy and Alphonse in the bedroom and they had yet to join him downstairs. It couldn’t take that long to find something for Alphonse to wear. Hell, he thought it would be just fine if Alphonse just didn’t wear anything at all and bounced freely around the house.

He should have suggested that earlier, he mourned, chewing on his cigarette. Unlit cigarette of course, as the others liked to kick him outside when he smoked. But it was cold and snowy outside at this time of this year and he did not like standing outside in cold and snowy weather.

He didn’t have any suspicion left when the bed began to squeak, only certainty. Roy Mustang could not be trusted with women, he should have known better than to walk away.

He stirred the pasta another minute or two and took them off the heat, abandoning the kitchen to go demand his rightful share of the fun happening upstairs.

He found them on the edge of the bed, a naked and still very female Alphonse visibly still seated on Roy’s cock while doing that post-coital clingy thing of his, face in Roy’s neck and arms tight around Roy.

“What did you start without me?” he demanded.

“Not much,” Roy told him with a lazy smirk. “We’re trying to get him used to heterosexual sex. It’s work, you should thank me.”

As if he was going to thank Roy. “And how is it going?” he wondered, truly interested in that answer.

“Not bad. We’re at one. I’m feeling hopeful we can get to five.” Roy didn’t even need to specify he spoke of Alphonse’s orgasm count. Smirking just a little wider, Roy reached to part Alphonse’s buttocks with his hands, calling to him, “What do you think?”

“At once?” he asked, surprised by the suggestion. “I don’t know, can he-?” He wasn’t against the concept, far from it, but was that practical at all?

Proving he was in fact listening, Alphonse pushed himself back a little to look at Roy. “Hang on, you mean both of you together? Can this body take that?”

Roy confirmed quite cheerfully. “Oh, trust me, it can.”

Alphonse didn’t look entirely convinced, but he chose to accept Roy’s answer. “Well, if you say so.”


Alphonse watched Havoc fetch the tube in record time, possibly surpassing the speed of light in the process, and smear a liberal quantity of lube on his sudden erection. He hadn’t required any real preparation for a while and now they only fingered him to play, so the lube was put aside quickly.

“Eager, aren’t we,” Roy drawled at Havoc, but Alphonse could tell he was more than a little impatient himself, constantly shifting beneath and inside him. It seemed a little much, to go again this soon, but why not. He didn’t expect to be like this very long, so he might as well let them enjoy themselves. Not that he wasn’t enjoying it himself, now that the initial problem had been solved without too much pain or drama.

“How are we doing this?” Havoc asked, enthusiasm evident in his voice.

“Good question…” Roy reclined on the bed entirely, flat on his back, and pulled Alphonse down with him; the sudden shift made him squirm. “This might work.”

It did.

Anal penetration was pure routine by now, but never before had there already been something inside, a cock only separated from Havoc’s by a thin wall of flesh. He felt Havoc’s cock brush against Roy’s as the former pushed in slowly and carefully, seeking a working angle.

He could only gasp. Too much, he wanted to say, this body isn’t meant to be filled by this much.

But, despite what he thought of it, his altered body seemed quite able to handle it, stretching enough to take two cocks inside. He still felt too filled up, but the pain remained tolerable.

Somebody’s hand was in his hair. “Alright?”

He stirred, very carefully. “I think so. Be careful though…”

Havoc tried to move. Alphonse was glad they always used excessive amount of lube; it was needed. Havoc fucked him, starting gently and growing harder, and it made him rock on Roy, Roy,’s cock shifting inside of him too. The motion of two cocks was difficult to follow and quite confusing to his mind, the same way coming without a cock had been confusing: he could feel it, but not comprehend it.

The discomfort was overridden by rising warmth, a kind of warmth he could understand, even if it did not shoot to his groin to make his cock ache. Instead of friction on his cock, he wanted…wanted…

“Jean, please… Could you… More downward.”

Havoc shifted and leaned over him, pushing him further down on Roy’s cock, and using the opportunity to squeeze his hands between his flesh and Roy’s chest to cup his nearly-forgotten breasts.


His hands curled hard on Roy’s shoulders, short nails nicking flesh. “Ah…”

“Havoc, we don’t have all day,” Roy snapped, hardly able to control the situation from his position, though he did try to rock a little, upward.

He thought he might have to scream if he didn’t get off in the very near future. He couldn’t breathe right; it was too much when they didn’t move, reminding him it was uncomfortable. And Havoc thought it was the time to torture his breasts a little more?

“I’m good! Go!”

It was somewhat slower like this, loosing some strength, but it gained in depth and friction, the two cocks pushing against each other and making him shudder, harder and harder, until he realized he was caught into another female orgasm, the nearly painful knots in his lower stomach breaking down.

“Two,” Roy commented, and for quite some time it made absolutely no sense to Alphonse. He couldn’t quite think about anything more complex than why Havoc was still tweaking his nipples: it was beginning to hurt, his body too sensitive.

“Out,” he breathed.

“Not so soon.” Roy brushed his hair out of his face. “We’re not done. I still think we can get to five. Havoc, stop being so lazy and start doing some real work or we’ll have to switch.”

“Not done?” he repeated. “But—“

“Your brother swore he’d be done by tomorrow,” Havoc pointed out. “That only leaves us a few hours.”

Only a few hours? Oh hell no, they were NOT—

Only, they were: Havoc resumed, even harder than before, more secured in the idea that he could take it, and Roy invaded his mouth with his fingers to keep him busy and quiet. With a silent sigh, he closed his eyes and sucked.

And they said he was unreasonably horny? Please.


Al: This multiple female orgasms thing is fun!
The next day...
Al: Um, hi, I'm calling to say Roy and Havoc can't go to work today. I think I broke them.... >.>;;

OT3 hotness!

This post brought to you by 'Al is hot no matter what kind of body he's in'.
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