Rach the Teddog (commanderteddog) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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Anyone else collect the little SD capsule figures?

These are the figures I'm talking about: Set One and Set Two. Aren't they cute?

I ask because I've been trying to collect them and I have a double of the "Al-In-A-Box" from series two that I want to get rid of. He's complete with stand, little paper booklet and still wrapped in plastic. I also have the capsule itself, but that might be too bulky to ship for cheap; the other parts are small enough to toss in an envelope. Al cost me $2 Canadian (about $1.71 US), but I'd rather trade for a different figure than sell it (still need the winking Ed and Hughes from the first set and Ed, Bradley, Roy, Riza, and Scar from the second set).

But, hey, if you REALLY want it and don't have a figure to trade, make an offer and I'll think about it. I'm moving soon and want to give Al a good home soon before he gets lost in the upcoming mess. How can you say "No" to a face like that?
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