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Misery Hates Company

A few things...

I hate being the type of person that only posts to ask for things and advertise, but I don't really have anything else to post about so here goes nothing.

smxyhagarencrak is in need of new players. It's a crack community so make posts funny and entertaining. A lot of the characters are inactive, so this is a heads up for those of you who are members and those who aren't.
If you are a member and you haven't been active your character will become available as of April 26th - which means for those of you who aren't members, more characters will be available April 26th.

We're in need of funny, literate players!
Check it out.

Secondly, Timeless FMA is opening soon. Hopefully April 1st if everything gets done by then. Suggestions welcome for making the game enjoyable for everyone.
The basis behind the RP is to cover all time aspects of the FMAverse, past present and future - all characters alive or dead free to play without incorporating a crack aspect.

If you're interested check out

and lastly, anyone that went to I-CON 25 and has pictures they'd be willing to share. Whether you cosplayed or just took pictures of cosplayers I'm looking to collect some. I will credit you as the photographer, or person in the picture - whichever you happen to be.
Although I'm particularly looking for FMA cosplayers from I-CON 25 anyone with other characters or cons are welcome to share them too.
If you do have pictures to share, please do not comment here with them, contact me at this post.
comments will probably be screened.

If ads or anything about this post isn't allowed let me know and I'll delete it. I checked the rules, but didn't see anything about advertising being against them.
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