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Two pics

Hello. Well I've lurked around this community for forever and, now that I finally have time, have decided to post two old pics of mine.

This first one I drew last Labor Day when we went to visit our friends in South Carolina for the weekend (I really should have been studying for finals…). The guy wanted me to draw a picture and I had the little booklets that came with the first two DVDs in my back pack so I drew this. It’s my first FMA pic. 

This one I drew the Sunday before last Christmas (I remember ‘cause the Lessons & Carols church service is always the last Sunday of Lent). Church was really long and my cousin and I were really bored… I’d just rewatched this episode so decided to draw a bit of a summary thing of it on the church bulletin…
...Heh.  I foregot I never finished drawing Kimbly...

Umm.  That's it for now.  *Dork-ish smile*.
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