J. M. Torres (jmtorres) wrote in fm_alchemist,
J. M. Torres

quick collection of my recent short fiction.

Hello, I'm jmtorres, I seem to be writing practically every genre under the sun.

Roy-Hawkeye PG fluff--775 words.

Roy/*cough*homunculus*cough* NC-17 fucked-up-ness--950 words.

For militarydogs, which is an RPG in which we play the characters writing RPF about each other (yes, that was my cracked idea):

On the Subject of Pants (Roy writes about a conversation he had with Ed; PG-13)--706 words.

Abuse of Power (Roy finds that fact that everyone seems to think he's a slut er, flattering?; R)--966 words.

There was also a brief poetry slam kicked off by a sonnet to Hughes and ended (mostly) by a villanelle in Havoc's general direction. Really, we hope the poetry thing is over now.

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