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Going Public

(x posted to fma_yaoi and my own journal.)

A little fanfiction of mine. It's more a drabble than anything else, but oh well.
Because I love Ed and Roy. And like them together, groping and kissing. And because I think Ed needs some lurve. And did I mention that I feel unbearable bold?

But beware, english isn't my native language. Sondern Deutsch. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist ... +is silly+)

Rated PG-13, for kissing and some indecent implications.
Yaoi galore, consider yourselfes as warned.

For a brief moment, Edward thought that he had been able to free himself from the Colonel’s grasp on his hips. But then, he realized that he plainly didn’t want to.

Roy’s warm breath melted on Ed’s lips and he wondered if he would be degraded if someone caught them here, making out like teenagers in the national alchemist library. Like teenagers? Well, yes. How else was he to describe a situation like this, with him pressed against the bookshelf and rock-hard from the thrill of making out here, where anybody could catch them any minute?

Roy’s lips on his were wet and messy. It couldn’t be described as something mind-blowing or some of these strange words with teenagers liked to describe kissing. It was full of heat, longing and even if Edward didn’t know much about kissing and tounges and what they were supposed to do while kissing, he knew that he liked Roy’s lips and his tounge very much. And that he very much wanted more of it.

He absently noticed that Roy’s hand cupped his face very gently. He instinctively leaned into the touch and sighed into Roy’s mouth. That was when Roy broke the kiss. Ed didn’t even have the time to protest, when Roy kissed the corner of his mouth and whispered „You owe me one for this, Edward-kun.“

Edward couldn’t bring himself to move, when he watched the colonel striding off. However, he caught the glimpse of a smile tucking at Roy’s lips, when he passed their ... spectator. Which happened to be Lieutenant Hawkeye, standing a few feet away somewhat shell-shocked and suspiciously pale. Blushing various shades of red, Ed muttered something under his breath and hurried off, as fast as he could, with his errection building a small tent in his trousers.


Comments are very welcome.
Oh, before I forget it: I love Ed. He cracks me up x3


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