Sand3 (sand3) wrote in fm_alchemist,

On a mission...

Hi, I'm kinda sorta new, I followed DragonAlchemist in and stuff. So... I finally got questions that require massive group efforts on and resources and said 'Hey, I should post to FM_Alchemist and see about them!' So, I am trying to make a good map of FMA world. I've gotten the roughs in now here, but I am missing names for all of these here little cities... plus I can't figure out where some of the cities mentioned in the anime (like Xenotyme) go because pretty much all the maps i can find on the internets are from the manga. So, I know there is a very good and detailed picture that exists out there, this drawing was mostly based off of it (as well as several others, it's a composite) but the problem is that the scan I found of it is too small and I can't read the names of any of the little cities on the map. Can anybody name these circles? I numbered them for ease of communication... Thank you.


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