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Another Gate

It's Post-movie fanfic time again!!!  
Title-Another Gate
Genre-Action, Ed/Win
Rating- PG13(Swearing, violence, blood)
Notes- Post-series spilers may be ahead.   The rest of the fanfic can be viewed at my journal.
The story so far- The Elric brothers had gone through a new gate from Munich and appeared directly in front of Winry Rockbells house.  After a rather painful reunion, Winry was filled in on what had happened since Ed's original disappearance.  After she learned what had happened, Winry made Ed and Al promise to stay at her house.  That night,  Ed and Al were awakened to a scream from Winry.  They ran  to the worksho to find that Winry had been abducted. The only clue that was left behind was a note that revealed that the person that had brought the Elrics to their original world was also the person that had taken Winry...

Ed stood in the middle of the workshop, fists shaking.

"Brother, how do you know that the person that brought us here also took Winry?" Al asked.

"Just take a look." Ed replied while handing the note to his younger brother.

As Al read the note, his eyes widened. "Brother, what are we going to do?"

"As much as I hate to admit it," Ed said in a low voice, "we need help."

* * * *

"Help?" said colonel Roy Mustang, his eyebrow raised. "You?"

"Yes, colonel," said Ed in Mustangs office in Central, a few days after Winry was kidnapped, not able to tell whether he was madder at the fact that Winry was gone, that he needed help, or that he needed help from him.

"So you just come out of God knows where after about a year, asking for a favor. Whats in it for me?"

"Well, I was thinking I could get you a new automail arm, but I need my mechanic back first." Ed said in an only partly joking tone.

"So how could I help you, anyway?" asked Mustang, acting like he never heard Ed's smartmouthed remark.

"I was hoping you could recognize this person's writing." Ed said, passing the note to Mustang.

"What makes you think I could recognize this writing?" Mustang asked while skimming over the note.

"Whoever took Winry brought us back, and that takes a lot of alchemic knowledge. And the best way to find some information on alchemy is to look in the military library. So I figured this person must have been in the military."

"I'll go over some letters here, and get back to you tomorrow." Mustang said.

"First thing in the morning." Ed said with a note of annoyance in his voice.

* * * *

Ed walked angrily out of the military building in Central. While there, he and Al were staying at the Hughes' house. Just as he was going up to the door, it opened.

"Brother!" Al said, clutching a piece of paper. "We got another note!"

Ed snatched from his brother instantly and started reading it.

Fullmetal Alchemist,
Your friend is fine for the moment. Come to the remains of lab five tomorrow at midnight if you want her to remain that way. Bring only your brother.

"Tomorrow at midnight," Ed said to himself. "Al, whats the date tomorrow?" Ed asked, going with a hunch he had.

"It'll be October 10th." Al answered, confused.

"Damn it!" Ed yelled, angrier than he had ever been. He had remembered what he had scratched into his pocket watch that had signified that he was a state alchemist.

Don't forget
Oct. 11

The kidnapper wanted to see him exactly on October 11th. Whoever had done all this knew more about Ed than he thought.

* * * *

Winry Rockbell was sitting in a locked room. Every day, once in the morning, once at night, a slot on the bottom of the door opened. Through this slot came a tray of food.She was only able to eat when absolutely necessary, though, because of what had shared the room with her. Laying on the bed opposite hers, was a once human body. It had a mostly human skeleton, given that it hat fangs, horns, and claws. Until the night before, the creature had been Winry's living chimera cellmate. That night, it suddenly started screming that it couldn't take this any more, and killed itself. The body had recently stiffened, but blood still dripped out of the hole it had ripped into itself. Even thinking about it made Winry sick to her stomach. When the food slot opened, she started screaming, "What do you want with me?".

"Oh, it's not you we want." a raspy voice came back. "We're just keeping you here until our guests arrive."

There was no doubt in Winry's mind that their "guests" were Edward and Alphonse Elric.


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