The Indomitable Sam (bruisedgarden) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Indomitable Sam

Just thought I'd point out to some people some of the FMA merchandise available online and in comic/anime stores in North America.

This store lists most of that which is available - pay close attention to the Armor!Al plushies, he is holding a little kitty in his hand, and he comes in two sizes. Comparing the prices on that site to the ones at the shop I usually go to (Canadian), the prices are about equal, though you will pay more for shipping. But, there are more offical sites to buy from. This is just one I've browsed.

I so wanted to buy Movie!Ed and Movie!Roy plushies, but they were $30 each. Theya ren't listed on that site, but theyre the same as the series versions, just dressed as per the movie. There's also Series versions of everyone too, in small and large sizes. I also fell for a little pale green Kakashi wallet there, I may go back and buy it. :p That or Naruto's frog coin purse. The headbands and armsplints were too weird.

Since I am broke and try to stem my geekiness, I bought the Ed from this set, though they had them all there. Not a very good picture, but there's Anime Pride, Lust, Envy, Huges, Izumi and Ed. If I get another it'll be Izumi, her figurine was very nice. They also came with a stand, and some bits are removeable. Ed's long jacket can become a short one. I can also pull him apart at the waist, but that's a tad bit private... >.>

Anyway, just telling people to keep an eye out and that it's popular enough now that you can probably go to your local comic store and buy/order some peices. You can also buy different Chapters of the Manga in a box set that come with figurines. I saw Volume 4 with a shirtless Ed, and one with an Armor Al, too. Since the owner of the shop knows me, he got mad when I told him I'd downloaded everything. :p

My Ed is now sitting ontop of my monitor beside my stuffed BaaBaa from Neopets. ... And yes, I am a grown adult.

Also, I'll mention I flipped through one of the official North American mangas there and a little booklet fell out... advertising a FMA book. I don't remember the title, something about the desert, but keep an eye out for that.

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