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Dude looks like a lady! (NOT WORK SAFE!)

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This was totally inspired by youkofujima and her lovely drawings! X3!

Tital: Man looks like a lady! (Yes like the song... but we're making it litueral X3!)
Rateing: NC-17
Pairings: OC/Al Ed/Al
Warnings: Tentcale rape, incest, rape, abuse, genderbend, not work safe AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL NOT BRAIN SAFE! :D!
Authors notes: Really this is just drabble if someone wants to continue with the story they can :D! I saw youkofujima's last genderbender picture with Ed and Al an I was like.... "THE BUNNIES ARE ATTACKING THE BUNNIES ARE ATTACKING!" I can't say it's exactly from the manga or the anime. Though I'd hope it be more from the manga... *Shrugs.* I dunno :P.
Summary: Ed and Al are on yet another mission, though not for the stone, as normal soldiers of the military. After an alchemist that was able to pass his state alchemist exam with proof of being able to repopulate a dangered speicies with his gender changing alchemy. Will Ed and Al be able to get out of this with their lives?
word count: 4,542 (Around ten pages :P)

Fic has been taken down for reconstruction, and all that jazz. Sorry for the inconvenience ^^;.

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