Kalliel (kalliel) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fan Art: Human Transmutation

Title: 人体錬成 - Human Transmutation
Artist: Kalliel
Notes/Warnings: There's spelling errors in both the (cut off) Japanese text as well as the English text. If I can't spell in either language, what am to do? O_o

I'm rather fond of the overall picture. What I'm not fond of is the way it transferred to the computer. The original had an obvious tinge of green in some places that I really liked, and none of it shows up on my monitor. >_> I got my friend to scan it so she could test her scanner, but she kept sending it in formats that my Photoshop couldn't read (for instance, what in the hell is an 'arithmetic jpg'?) so I ended up taking screen caps of it off my mail client, and splicing them together. But I have my picture, so ha.

Constructive criticism appreciated; I know I need it. :)

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