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Title: A Hot, Steamy Shower
Author: esteltinuviel

This piece is complete and it's really just a little scene I thought of...while taking a shower! It does contain implied Elricest, but it's only PG (this is my first yaoi, and I really couldn't do anything above a PG--I'm way too modest, I guess!) I hope you like it. I tried to make the format better, but I still need practice. At least I spell checked...

A Hot, Steamy Shower

“Al, I’m going to take my shower!” Ed called to his younger brother.

Creak! The sound of metal twisting metal filled the stone bathroom. Water came raining down in icy pellets which sprung off the shiny limbs. Ed shivered. I guess I’m always going to be cold now that I have this automail. He turned the temperature up. His muscles relaxed as hot steam wondered from the stall. It was a hot, steamy shower.

Ed ran his fingers through his hair which grew to his shoulders, massaging in the shampoo. Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat...

An endless cycle, much like that of life, Ed thought. He was getting drowsy in the heat and gentle pain of the water beating on his skin. It feels weird to take a shower with the automail. I can’t imagine what it feels like to take one if your body was all metal. But Al can’t feel water anyway, that’s why I must get his body back. I have to, for his sake.

* * *

I have to get it, no matter what!Ed slammed his hand against the cold stone wall. There has to be another way. There is another way! I will make another way! He turned the temperature up higher and higher until the water began to burn. A voice tried to stop him, but he only turned it up more. The pain is nothing. At least I can feel pain. Let it burn. Let it burn all of my skin until I can no longer feel pain. At least I have skin. For Al.

Ed combed through his hair. It was longer now, reaching the middle of his back. We’re so close. So close. I can feel it. I will get Al’s body back.

Steam settled on the glass door of the shower. And still it was a hot, steamy shower.

* * *

The water poured on his head, dripping down into his eyes. Ed made no attempt to wipe his eyes, for there was already too much water that obscured his vision. He was crouching on the floor of the shower, oblivious to all around him. He no longer thought, he said.
“Why? WHY?! WHY IS HE GONE, YET I LIVE?!!!” Ed screamed, his voice reverberating in the small space. He found it difficult to breathe with the steam and hot air; his lungs constricted into sobs of agony. Sobs of grief.

Ed pulled at his hair, attempting to rip it from its roots.His nails dug into his skin, leaving visible marks to remind him of his pain. Invisible marks scarred his heart.

Ed was alone in that hot, steamy shower.

* * *

Ed massaged his scalp with his fingertips. His golden hair had grown so long, he chose to leave it it a pony tail instead of a braid. It’s so good to be back to the way things were. The way things should be and will be from now on, Ed thought as he rubbed a bar of soap over his body. Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat....

An endless cycle. A pattern which should not be interrupted. Life should not be interrupted, nor the flow disturbed. We learned that the hard way, but it doesn’t really matter now.

Ed turned the water hotter. There was no longer the sound of metal upon metal as his hands turned the faucet. Only flesh. Pure flesh and bone. Hard won, but won. Yes, we earned it.

Edward Elric was no longer alone in the hot, steamy shower.
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