demonic_spazz (demonic_spazz) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Clip help

I have a question. Can someone help me please You all know in episode 19 where Al i think is talking about the philosopher stone. And when he is talking it shows a picture of a hand and the stone above it and the stone is dripping. Does anyone maybe have that part as a clip i can download or know where i can download the whole episode. I want to use it in my video, and i would make my own clip off my disk. But everytime i try to make that clip it skips. Or i also remember seeing that picture in the manga maybe a huge color picture of it would work also. I also know you all been talking about asking for things at fma_media_req. Well i went there and it seems like no one is using that group so i'm posting my question here. If someone could help me that would mean alot. Thanks sooooooooooooo much. ^_^

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