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24 March 2006 @ 05:39 pm
Title: Aubade
Author: hieronymousb
Rating: NC-17 (SEEECKKKSS)
Genre: Drama, introspection, some angst. BAHHH on you, angst. Mostly introspection.
Warnings: Smutty smut smut! Ed x flesh Al! Armour!Sex. Something for everyone, right? No discernible non-series plot. Basically a long-arse vignette.
Spoilers: Um, I don't think so? Tell me if I'm wrong here.
Pairing: Elricest.
Beta: perivates
Word Count: Somewhere around 9000. My program gives me funky numbers.

Because some people think there's not enough Elricest, and I like challenging myself. I got a random Elricest drabble idea and decided to run with it. How that light, one-sided drabble exploded into about 9K, I'm really not sure.

(From the moment the funeral ended and the others went home, Alphonse knew...)

x-posted to fm_alchemist, elricest, elricsexual, fma_yaoi, ambreficcage (my fic journal)